Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Tracx apart? What can I expect to see and accomplish that I can’t achieve using other systems?

How do you reduce the noise and turn massive amounts of data in actionable insights?

Does Tracx integrate with other systems? Can you help us tie social into other digital practices?

Tell me more about the Geo-location feature. How do you get the data for this information?

Combination of self-reported location information and mapping of geo-enabled smart phones (upload pics or posts from iPhone, Backberry, Android, etc.)

The Influencer Unification feature is interesting – how does it work and how accurate is it?

What are influencers, and how does Tracx define them?

What about historical data?

Do I need much training to get up and running?

Why do you have an ape in your logo?

Actually it’s a gorilla. A silverback gorilla to be precise. Gorillas are predominantly social animals, living in large packs. Silverback gorillas are the strong, dominant troop leaders who take the role of decision maker, influencer and leader. A silverback gorilla has ultimate control of the socializing habits and behaviors of the group. This is exactly the ethos behind Tracx. We are able to locate the silverback gorillas for your campaign to enable you to significantly improve the success rate of your social media marketing efforts. Like the silverback gorilla, Tracx aims to stand out from the rest and lead the way when it comes to social media marketing.

What is a social media campaign?

A social media campaign uses similar principles as an off-line advertising campaign, to create a series of adverts with the aim of promoting a product, but using social media as the implementation platform. The need to purchase the expensive media space that off-line advertising campaigns are subject to is removed with social media campaigns. The use of blogs, Facbook and Twitter are all popular platforms for social media campaigns.

Which social media sites does Tracx monitor?

Tracx‘s algorithm covers all the major social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, digg, delicious, YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, plus many more. Tracx takes a flexible approach to the social media platforms that can be monitored, entirely based on our client’s needs. If a specific social media platform is not on our current list, we can very simply add it.

What is social ROI and how is it measured?

It is true that social media ROI is a difficult value to measure. Social ROI can be defined in terms of qualitative (loyalty, trust, passion, interaction and brand awareness) and quantitative success criteria (reach and influence of network, volume of posts and conversations surround the brand, and influencer engagement).

Tracx addresses the ROI measurement benchmarks at the beginning of the project, during the strategic planning phase. The social media success criteria are defined pre-campaign, and are constantly measured against the data generated during and post-campaign. The ROI results are delivered in the form of insightful reports allowing you to see in real-time the tangible return on investment.

How long does it take to set up an activity?