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The social enterprise runs on Tracx - the leading social business cloud.

Meet Alpha: The silverback of social!

Gorillas are predominantly social animals, living in large packs that function as communities. Silverback gorillas are the strong, dominant troop leaders who take the role of decision maker, influencer and leader. The silverback controls the socializing habits and behaviors of the group.

This is exactly the ethos behind Tracx. We are able to locate the silverbacks through social listening to help you eliminate blind spots and improve the success of your campaigns. Like the silverback gorilla, Tracx stands out from the rest and leads the way when it comes to social business management.

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Get what your business needs by harnessing the power of Tracx.

The Tracx Platform

I'm Strong

Surviving in the social jungle is tough. Even daily necessities don’t come easily. Instead you have to go out and get what you need. I’ve learned that good things don’t come to those who wait, but they do come to those that go out and get ‘em.

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Industry leaders are already relying on Tracx to manage their communities.

Our Customers

I'm a Leader

That’s right. While most groups of gorillas are led by males, I’m still the undisputed leader of my band. Gone are the days of forcing underlings into submission. Instead I empower and appreciate each and every member of my troop, which then creates a unified community.

Icon: Naturally Intelligent

Knowledge is power: Get key insights into your social presence, as well as your competitors.

Our Customers

I'm Naturally Intelligent

I didn’t end up as a leader by accident. I was born smart. I know how to get the most, and the best, out of people and gorillas alike. I’m also pretty handy with a computer – which, for a gorilla, is pretty darn impressive if I do say so myself...

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Engage with your customers and drive meaningful business results.

Our Customers

I'm Social

I’ve always been a social gorilla. I’m happiest when surrounded by others that are happy too. Other than the occasional insect biting one of my lobes, keeping an ear to the ground is a great way to listen in on how people are talking about my band, and how I choose to lead them. Posting, tweeting, liking, sharing – I’m always staying connected. Long live the age of social media!

Icon: Passionate

Our passion for social drives the Tracx team to ensure the best experience possible.

Meet the Team

I'm Passionate

So while I may not be your typical silverback, I sure embody some of the classic characteristics that define the stereotypical brutes that came before my kind. I work hard, I play hard, I give everything I have to the causes I care about, and if you mess with my family you’re in trouble.

Icon: Fearless

The social landscape is changing rapidly, but with Tracx, you'll always be one step ahead.

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I'm Fearless

That’s right... Just keep this in mind as you reread the last part... In today’s world, it’s best to stick together. Success in the social jungle is all about creating fans and followers, having significant influence, and establishing a true community. But we could all use some help along the way...