Get started for free, upgrade as you grow

✔ no credit card required ✔ no long contracts ✔ no sales bs


Starts at £29/month

A complete platform to help independent businesses grow


Starts at £79/month

An analytics suite to support the needs of larger teams

Everything in TRACX+, and:

  • Free setup & onboarding
  • Priority support
  • Custom data retention
  • Data export (CSV/XLS)
  • Automated insights and alerts
  • Team management


Let’s talk

A custom plan tailored to the requirements of large business

All PRO features, plus:

  • Custom contracts & invoicing
  • SLA & Dedicated support
  • Custom API integrations
  • Audit logs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limits on the free tier?

The free tier has a lifetime limit on the number of ratings you can receive and the duration that the feedback is stored on TRACX.

What is a rating?

A rating happens when someone completes the initial rating question on a feedback survey.

What is a location?

TRACX is designed to collect data on the interactions that happen offline. A location is the venue, place or physical space that you’re seeking to understand better.

How will I be charged?

After signing up to TRACX, you will be charged the subscription amount on a monthly (or yearly) basis. Subscription payments are processed by Stripe.

Do you offer annual billing or invoicing?

Yes, we do! Please call us on 0204 540 5555 for more details.

How can I downgrade or cancel?

You can downgrade or cancel your TRACX subscription at any time through your account dashboard. You will continue to have access to your TRACX account until the next monthly (or yearly) billing cycle.