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Are You Actively Listening On Social Media?

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Are You Actively Listening On Social Media?

Social media buzzwords and phrases are added to our vocabulary almost weekly. One of which, “social listening,” has been around for a while, but the way in which businesses actually listen to social media chatter has vastly shifted over the last five years. This shift changed the value of social listening, putting it on the top of social businesses’ priority list.

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The evolution of social listening has prompted businesses to ask if they are capturing all they can from social media, and chances are they are not.  And that’s because most of today’s so-called “social-listening” platforms fall short of the ability to capture the full conversation. How is a brand able to truly listen, when their technology of choice isn’t able to hear everything? Let’s dive a little bit deeper into what good social listening entails…

Beyond Mentions
Yes, how many times a brand is mentioned on social media can create a sense of accomplishment, but it doesn’t really move the needle. Knowing what’s happening around that mention – capturing the full conversation – can provide businesses with context behind the mention, thereby providing further clarification on the conversation. The more data that results from conversations, the better you can understand customers’ needs and meet them.

Product Strategy
Listening to where consumers are can help dictate product strategy with more accuracy. By using a geo-location tool to pinpoint product or category trends, decisions can be made with more precision. Social listening around the product helps provide decision-makers with the data they need to strategically market to an audience that is receptive to its messaging.

Competitive Analysis
Listening to customers is tantamount to truly understanding their needs, however keeping tabs on the competition is also an important part of true social listening. The idea is to gain a 360-degree view of the customer, competitors, and the space itself.

Engagement and Publishing
Proper social listening also dictates the ideal time to engage with an audience. If you know when, where, and what they are talking about, it makes it much easier to reach them and possibly make an impact.

When a single platform can provide all the necessary tools to listen and take action on what you hear, user workflows are streamlined, more accurate data is reported, and better business decisions are made.

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