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Brand Bakeoff: Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh

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Brand Bakeoff: Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh

Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods and Blue Apron’s earlier IPO announcement clearly signal that traditional grocery is in a state of massive disruption. With the meal kit subscription market currently valued at $1.5 billion—and projected to reach a staggering $10 billion by 2020—we wanted to dive deeper and see how social media has impacted growth, sentiment, and customer experience.

To measure overall brand presence and reputation, we conducted a social listening study on two of the leading meal kit delivery services: Blue Apron and HelloFresh. We analyzed almost 350,000 social conversations, posts, and interactions, including sentiment and engagement across the top 14 social networks from May 14th through June 12th, 2017.

Social Listening Revelations: Let’s Dish!

Although originally founded in Europe, meal kits have quickly caught fire in the USA in past five years. One in four Americans has tried a meal kit – with Millennials and Generation X consumers 321% more likely to purchase them (Nielsen) and share their experiences on social media. Key social listening findings included:

  • Female Millennials Dominate: 66% of Blue Apron’s and 79% of HelloFresh’s social activity comes from female consumers, with Blue Apron attracting a wider age range (18-54) vs. HelloFresh’s 25-34 range.

Age Demographics Chart

  • Instagram is King: Both brands use Instagram as a major social media platform – 75% of HelloFresh and 61% of Blue Apron’s social activity occur on Instagram. Blue Apron has broader social coverage as it’s also active on Facebook, forums, blogs, Flickr, and other review sites.


  • Sentiment: Blue Apron tops HelloFresh in positive sentiment, and pulls in less negative sentiment than HelloFresh. (Winner: Blue Apron)
  • Engagement: Across all social media, HelloFresh edged out Blue Apron with a 74% overall engagement rate vs. Blue Apron’s 65%. On Facebook, HelloFresh boasted a 99% engagement rate vs. Blue Apron’s 82%. (Winner: HelloFresh)

Interested in seeing more insights and analyses from these top two meal kit contenders? Download the full report to see who the ultimate “winner” was in each category, plus analysis criteria and best practices for finding your own competitive social media insights.

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