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Breaking Social Out of its Silo Part 2 – Old vs. New

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This post is the second of three in a series on how to bring social data to each relevant department of your business, as opposed to that information remaining in its own vacuum, both untouched and unused.

The Old Way

For now, much of the exchange of information is still done manually, which inhibits efficiency from both cost and time perspectives. Typing data collected from many sources to share between departments takes massive effort, and by the time some reports are complete, they may not even be valid anymore. Automated, scalable and interactive, a comprehensive social media management platform collects the data into one program, sharable between departments. This not only creates a more cohesive internal structure, it saves time and money, and leaves less room for human error.

When data remains in its own vacuum, it only serves the department from which the data results. Now that social media has been woven into most marketing efforts, siloed departments can seize the opportunity to mesh with each other. Social media is not just a marketing tool; it’s a customer service tool, a product research tool, a sales tool, an analytics tool and much more.

Having a powerful management platform to store data from different departments can help mend the tear in the corporate cloth. Social media is something that everyone in an organization can get behind. And nothing breeds togetherness more than a common goal.


The New Way

Removing the hindrances of data and departmental silos will improve collaboration, promote transparency, open communication, and allow for the implementation and analysis of different data sets to gain new insights about customers and other key audiences.

Without the segregated nature of information and department silos, teams can collaborate and create a new office culture that promotes communication and learning. Cross-collaboration between departments opens employees to better understanding the brand, its messaging and its customers. Social media is a tool that most departments can gain mission-critical information and insights from, and with one place to house all data from different departments and other sources, the chosen management and monitoring software can solve many issues. Real-time developments and changes are communicated company-wide, which saves time, money and creates efficiencies that keep departments informed and on the same page.

Another great benefit to breaking social data out of its silo and including other departments aside from marketing is the expansion of the digital footprint. When different departments contribute to social in their specific area – be it customer service, sales or product teams – the brand itself as a whole benefits. Not only does it project a united front, it shows customers that the company is a cohesive unit internally as well.


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