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Breaking Social Out of its Silo Part 3 – The Unification of Parts

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This post is the final installment in a three-part series on how to bring social data to each relevant department of your business, as opposed to that information remaining in its own vacuum, both untouched and unused. 

The Unification of Parts

Traditionally, it is not easy to encourage cross-collaboration between departments within an enterprise. Each has its own manager, its own expert in its field. Each has been conditioned to meet its own goals, and to be accountable for delivering results. Making an investment in productivity and providing each team with access to the relevant tools and information will help the business as a whole to succeed.

The right social media management software will enable cross collaboration, which inherently will increase productivity and time-to market. The ease that the right tool can bring to sharing a multitude of data can foster open communication between departments and encourages collaboration. Uniting a collective group with knowledge and expertise strengthens brands as a whole, and offers deeper insight into the habits of customers from all angles. The information shared is more powerful than if it stands alone, sitting in its silo.


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