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Don’t Be Late to the Social Media Party

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In the age of “the consumer rules”, brands are in a position where they must follow their audience and keep up with their needs – faster than the competition. They’re working against the clock when it comes to real-time communication, or as close to it as possible. Demonstrating this perfectly is the Red Lobster/Beyonce incident that recently hit the net.

The singer released a new song that mentioned her taking someone to the well-known seafood restaurant (she actually mentioned “Red Lobster”), which was depicted in her fans’ tweets. Her fans were waiting for Red Lobster to return with a pithy post, but were majorly disappointed. A whole 8 hours later, the restaurant chain finally came back with the tweet below:


Fans were less than satisfied:



By the time Red Lobster responded, there were already 7 million views of the new song on Youtube. This having taken place around the Super Bowl, when brands should be on high alert for mentions and conversations, offered a lesson to other socially savvy businesses. It’s imperative that brands pay close attention to where, how and why they are being mentioned, and more importantly, monitoring the full conversation. The Tracx social media management platform guides brands through optimal response times, suggested content, and offers a full view of the conversation – not just mentions. Offering more data than any other platform, Tracx delivers actionable intelligence to its users by crawling through forums, blogs, review sites, social networks and more, to create an entire picture of the conversation.

The opportunities for brands to benefit from listening closely are abounding. Honest feedback from the people they depend on for business is a great way to measure brand health, while timely and relevant response-time suggestions create ideal engagement windows. The urgency of implementing a social media management platform is imminent, and those that don’t keep up will be left behind.

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