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#FridayFive for May 2nd, 2014

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy

Last week we introduced a new tradition here at Tracx, the #FridayFive. Each Friday, we’ll provide a quick rundown of our favorite content that gathered significant traction on social throughout the week. These trends are identified using the Community Dashboard in the Tracx Social Enterprise Platform.

Using Tracx technology, this dashboard collects trending content to present a complete and holistic view of what’s popular across the social web, in real-time. This information is invaluable for people and enterprises that want to produce content that is highly relevant, and who also want to weigh in on the most current topics possible. While the #FridayFive will always consist of content that yielded significant attention in the social media world, these lists are comprised of the trends that grabbed OUR attention the most. They might be informative, controversial, or comical.

Here’s the #FridayFive for May 2nd, 2014:


It comes as no surprise that Crocs have kindled debates since they first hit the market in 2002 – they clearly favor comfort over style… But when the company announced that customers would receive 25% off on orders of two or more pairs through April 30th, social media users began sharing the news with their networks. However, the majority of content generated with relevance to Crocs didn’t praise the company’s generous offer, but instead took the opportunity to ridicule the foam-based style of footwear. Here’s a post that made us chuckle:crocs

If Oprah buys the Clippers…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you already know that Donald Sterling, the former owner of the LA Clippers, was banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million for racist comments that he made. While this isn’t a lighthearted scenario, some of the celebrities expressing interest in buying the Clippers, and social media users’ reactions to these celebs’ interest, are amazingly comical. Oprah Winfrey is one of the high profile celebs with deep enough pockets to be considering the acquisition of the NBA team. “If Oprah buys the Clippers…” began trending on Twitter, and hilarity ensued.oprah


Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to bad press, but this week the world of social media exploded when the champion boxer posted a personal, and wildly inappropriate message to his Instagram profile. Sharing a picture of an ultrasound, Mayweather accused ex-fiancé Shantel Jackson of having an abortion, claiming that he is “totally against killing babies,” and that’s why the couple split. Understandably so, people around the world reacted passionately to the post and “Floyd” began trending on Twitter. While the majority of responses were bashing Mayweather, a considerable amount of people stood up for Floyd, saying that his personal life does not take away from the fact that he is arguably the best pound for pound boxer of all time. Here’s the post that sparked the controversy:



On a lighter note, IHOP is leveraging some successful social media marketing this week. On Monday they posted the tweet pictured below, which inspired lots of social networkers to express their passionate love for the International House of Pancakes. “IHOP” began trending on Twitter, and people created lots of playful content surrounding the brand.



Thursday night’s trending topics were generally dominated by the iHeartRadio Music Awards. The first ever awards show hosted by iHeartRadio inspired significant social media activity, especially as the voting process was conducted via Twitter, with fans supporting their favorite artists using various hashtags. Top trends included the mentioning of various artists and nominees such as Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, and Rihanna, who was late to the show “due to traffic on the 405”, and missed receiving her award for best Hip Hop/R&B song of the year.


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