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Infographic: Which Back 2 School Retailers Yielded The Best Social Media Buzz?

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Unfortunately, summer is officially over. While the New York City heat continues to try to deceive the Tracxters working in the US headquarters, the one true sign that the most fun season of the year has come to a close is the beginning of the school year nationwide.

Back 2 School season can be immensely stressful for all involved. While children worry about making a solid first impression with their classmates and teachers, and how they will deal with an increased workload as they climb the academic ranks, oftentimes their parents are left fretting over all of the shopping they must do to prepare their kids for the upcoming year.

After hearing some parents in the office joking about how anxious this entire shopping process has made them, we decided to take a look at social media buzz surrounding Back 2 School sales and savings in order to get a feel for which brands did the best job when it came to leaving these stressed out child rearing superheroes satisfied, at ease, and with a slightly heavier wallet than others as they scramble to prepare their kids for the fall season.


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