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Learn and Earn: 9 Brands to Follow on Social

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@Popchips Taking full advantage of the most recent Star Wars craze, popchips excels in reaching its audience with excellent engagement, often posting user-generated content, which makes them feel part of a community. The snack brand also offers unique recipes utilizing the product and encourages participation from its following.

@Redbull By not directly promoting the energy drink, Red Bull instead focuses on the lifestyle surrounding the brand. The brand posts engaging content of what can be accomplished when a person’s energy is at its peak, with images and video of extreme sports and other high-action activities. Their action shots show how exciting life can be with a high energy level.

@TacoBell, The brand known for engaging millennials – its target audience – is on point. Although the company engages its audience on many social media networks, its Snapchat effort is worthy of following. From launching new menu items, to video stories and engaging quizzes, Taco Bell’s recipe for social commitment is apparent.

Airbnb The fairly new company implements its social media strategy by encouraging hosts and travelers to tell their travel story, thereby creating a community and encouraging engagement, leading to successful WOM. Voted Best Brand on Instagram in the 2015 Shorty Awards, its unique photography and uncanny ability to create a strong following, Airbnb places so much value on this effort, that they created a unique website page specifically to host and share its meaningful stories.

@SamsungSupport – The electronics giant utilizes social support for its customers by setting aside its Twitter and Facebook accounts for help through a dedicated social media support team that spends much of its time communicating with customers. With the high expectations now demanded by customers online, Samsung’s strategy fills an immediate need, and customers know they’re going to get a response.


Madewell The company created an influencer campaign (#TOTEWELL) with its top 5 influencers that reached over 1 million targeted consumers with their content. Also notable, the company re-posts its influencer content for engagement and to foster the Madewell community.

National Geographic With over 482 million social actions and over 80 million followers, the 100-yea old glossy publication dominates over large brands such as the NBA and The staggeringly beautiful photography they release engages fans and teaches at the same time.


Urban Decay The popular make-up brand recently brought in Gwen Stefani as their endorser, and is killing the engagement game on Twitter. Not only do fans identify great make-up with the star, UD’s audience is well connected and can oftentimes see their content re-posted.

Jack Daniel’s The whiskey maker turned to social media to promote its one-of-a-kind event, Motel No. 7. Although guests do not stay overnight, each room in the “motel” creates a unique, unforgettable experience. The social media push for the 4-city tour creates engagement with the brand, and shows how relatable it is to its audience by offering a look into its lifestyle.

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