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Locate and Target Your Audience on Social Media

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Gaining an understanding of what people are socially saying and doing based on geographical location can help to better target messaging, develop products and services, increase engagement and most of all – get to know the people behind the accounts. Brands are facing fierce competition, along with an educated public that knows what they want, and so the customer experience has emerged as a top tactic to gain trust and influence.


Locating and targeting an audience starts with defining who they are. Once this is established, insights such as demographics and psychographics can be more easily attained with a social media management platform such as Tracx. Through a heat map, Tracx helps locate an audience from a physical perspective and reveals the users’ chosen parameters in terms of which topic is chosen for the search. The software identifies the male to female ratio discussing that topic and where they are located. Identifying where social media activity overlaps on the map can reveal context of a particular conversation, which is critical to social media marketing.

Attaining insight on where the competition gains the most traction can tell a business what networks are being utilized the most, and what content is creating a discussion. This share of voice insight can also shed light on social media advertising direction, and which networks are the most ideal for visibility. It can help businesses attain new customers, and nurture existing ones.

As businesses grow their social business, it’s vital to incorporate tools and techniques to help maximize exposure. Stitching together social media profiles will help create a more clear view of the customer and their needs. Learning where they spend the most time, what they are posting and whom they are interacting with can reveal intelligence that guides better decision-making. Tracx also identifies brand content that is resonating the most with them, and reveals sentiment, which if examined geographically can shape product development.

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