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Social Influencer Insight Metrics, Part 2: Impact

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Today we’re continuing our Social Influencer Insight Metrics series. In Part 1, we defined an influencer as a person or a group of people who possesses greater than average potential to influence due to attributes such as frequency of communication, personal persuasiveness, or size of and centrality to a social network, among other traits. We discussed how over the past decade, more and more enterprises have recognized the lucrative potential of developing relationships with influencers. Tracx streamlines this process, providing unparalleled influencer identification and management.

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In our whitepaper titled 5 Influencer Insights That Matter we outline the 5 key insights that comprise an efficient and powerful influencer. In this post, we’ll address the importance of impact.

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Tracx goes beyond just measuring impression-based reach, and instead looks at how much of the audience is engaging with the influencer’s posts. It’s helpful to alter perspectives a bit and look at how many interactions each post gets, as opposed to simply looking at impressions. Reach feeds an influencer’s impact. Impact feeds your brand conversations.

A recent study found that 55% of brands have earned-media goals that include criteria such as substantially increased numbers of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and other social network interactions that result in web visits (Source: 2013 Digital Influence Report, Technorati Media).

If your company has earned-media goals, impact is where you begin to see results. It’s these interactions with influencers (impact) that fuel your earned media engine.

Impact can be leveraged as an insight before, during, and after your influencer marketing programs. Use it beforehand to help rank influencers during selection. Use it during to ensure that your influencer engagement is resulting in audience interaction. Use it after as a success measure of your program.

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