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18 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy

18 Social Media Marketing Tips

Studies find the average human attention span to be just eight seconds, so when creating social media posts, you must keep your overall messages and images digestible at first glance to encourage interactions.

  1. Use social media networks to personify your brand to broaden your reach.
  2. Maintain your brand voice across platforms to boost engagement, trust and reliability.
  3. Define your social aesthetic and how each social network will be used to ensure every post/visual aligns with your goals.
  4. Be consistent with your publishing cadence across networks.
  5. Publish posts at optimum view times (varies per network) to keep audiences regularly engaged with your brand.
  6. Algorithms for how content is pushed out to the masses varies by network.
  7. Follow the 80/20 rule when deciding what content to post—80% of your content should provide entertainment value or be informative, while 20% should be self-promotional.
  8. Ensure all content is optimized to be viewed on all smart devices: mobile phones, tablets and computers.
  9. Research your target audience by A/B testing different types of content to find out what types of content appeal to your audiences.
  10. All published content should be interactive and correlate to predetermined themes.
  11. Grab your audience’s attention with your image and add copy to further explain your post, attract new followers, increase likes & encourage followers to convert into customers.
  12. Make posts discoverable with the use of a hashtag.
  13. Attach a mix of searchable branded, trending & general hashtags.
  14. Increase engagement by incorporating appropriate tags (people, brands, and geotags) to grow your following.
  15. Acknowledge and connect with your target audience by replying to comments and other related posts and/or mentions.
  16. Set up a corporate policy for response times per network
  17. Where it is platform appropriate incorporate Calls to Actions (CTAs) to drive social traffic to your website(s) or campaign(s).
  18. Use tracking URLs to prove ROI and monitor your social activity that converts into website traffic.

Not sure how to implement these tips across your social media networks? Let us teach you the best way—contact us today:

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