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Social Media: The Key to Unprecedented Customer Segmentation

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Social Media: The Key to Unprecedented Customer Segmentation

This past January, we published a blog post entitled, “Overcoming The Challenges of Traditional Customer Segmentation With Tracx.” The article outlined the benefits of dividing a large pool of customers into subsets with similar characteristics in order to better tailor brand messaging.

While enterprises have used traditional customer segmentation for years, they have encountered the following challenges:

  • Limited access to behavioral and affinity information about consumers. In traditional segmentation, data is limited to what consumers directly provide. As such, it can be hard to understand and categorize customers at a deeper level.
  • Little contextual information for segmented groups. Once groups are identified through traditional means, it’s impossible to gain insights into how the group identity is expressed and how it plays out in the marketplace. For example, it may be discovered that women, ages 25-35 who drive luxury automobiles are a customer segment for a brand, but there is little to no way to understand why.
  • Small sample sizes. Surveys, focus groups, and what can be gleaned from sales and other brand data limits sample size for segmentation based on affinity or behaviors.

In our latest whitepaper, “Social Customer Segmentation”, we show you how social media can be leveraged in order to mitigate the problems associated with traditional customer segmentation. Additionally, our whitepaper introduces a detailed methodology organizations can implement for a more informed segmentation.

Social Segmentation Methodology by Tracx

Ultimately, the results of this process yield intelligent social audience segmentations that move beyond the borders of social media to drive cross-channel and cross-department applications:

  • Target customers effectively with relevant content on their preferred channels, within social and on other media.
  • Build and shape campaign strategies geared toward identified target groups
  • Determine best practices for content generation, at the segment and broad audience level.
  • Identify opportunities and limitations of the brand.

Download “Social Customer Segmentation” to learn how social can provide unprecedented insight into your customers.


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