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Are You Testing Your Social Media Initiatives?

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Are You Testing Your Social Media Initiatives?

A/B Testing on Social
Determining when and what to share on social media can be a lengthy struggle, however with a strong social media management platform, testing your social skills is highly efficient and will reveal insights into how you’re performing socially. Learning the optimal times, content, and channels to use to reach and engage your audience is paramount to a successful social media strategy, and with the right tool, you are well on your way.

Heat Maps
Using geo-location tools such as Tracx’s geo-heatmap dashboard helps to pinpoint where, geographically, you are performing well or may need improvement. Testing different locations with a heat map can reveal product and consumer information to development teams that would otherwise create a tedious task, and it may not even be as accurate.

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Calls to Action
Testing various social buttons on your website, blog, in an email or in a post, can prove what works better for a particular customer segment. Measuring how many clicks-to-conversions are attained through button placement may seem insignificant, but ask yourself this – when you enter a retail store, in which direction do you move first? You may notice a pattern.

Social Posts
Does asking your social media audience questions prompt engagement? How about “fear” tactics? Testing prompts helps social businesses determine the best approach. A social listening platform such as Tracx can efficiently reveal which tactics work best.

Platform Performance
Where does your audience reside, socially? Are they tweeters? Facebookers? Knowing where they post gives you more insight into what makes them tick. Are visuals (Instagram, Pinterest) better than blog posts? With a social media management platform, monitoring text vs visual mentions is easy.

How much is too much? Are you posting enough? The only way to know is to test. Test on all platforms of which you are a member – each is unique, just as each segment is unique.

The question is not whether you should or shouldn’t be testing – it’s about what you should be testing. Social media management is about following, listening and bringing value to your audience; how else can you know which efforts prove more fruitful than others?

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