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The Friday Five for January 15th, 2016

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The Friday Five for January 15th, 2016

Following is this week’s Friday Five! – a quick rundown of our favorite social media content that gained traction online over the course of the week. The articles herein are identified using the Tracx social business management platform. They cover everything from social media industry-related content, to unique projects that we feel utilized social data in a powerful way, to pieces that simply piqued our interest or made us think about a given topic differently. So, without further ado, we bring you the Friday Five!

The 8 Lessons About Employee Advocacy I Learned in 2015


It was only 15 years ago when companies would provide cell phones only to senior managers. General scepticism about the new-born technology lead brands to limit its use, fear employees would end up using mobiles to call their friends and family the whole time. As with every major technology advance in our society, companies approached it with hesitation, until they fully realized the power and potential of this new type of communication, and the advantages it could bring to every organisation. Something similar is happening now with one of the most groundbreaking communication channels in history: social media.

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Tracx Prediction for 2016: Social Shopping Becomes More Common


“As cart abandonment on mobile continues to be a problem, social shopping will make it easier for consumers to purchase in one place, eliminating the need to enter credit card information on the small screen.“

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8 New Twitter Features for 2016


Twitter’s growth stagnated in 2015, and although there were some interesting newer aspects of the network (most notably Periscope) it evidently wasn’t appealing enough for the 77 percent of Internet users that don’t use the platform.

In 2016, Twitter may make some changes that impact how marketers and communication professionals are able to use the platform. What I want to do in this post is describe changes that have occurred or are likely to occur to Twitter this year.

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Snapchat is Reportedly Developing An API for Advertising


Slightly over a year since its first ad, Snapchat is actively developing an application programming interface (API) to support advertising.

That’s according to a story in today’s Digiday, which cited “multiple sources.” The messaging platform is reportedly now in discussions with various ad agencies and tech firms to determine what their requirements might be, and the API could be ready for testing this spring.

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It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Interact with Brands on Twitter


The new ad format, the Conversational Ad unit, as Twitter calls it, is an enhanced promoted tweet. What makes it different though, is that it has a Call-to-Action, which invites users to tweet to the brand using specific hashtags or predefined messages.

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