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The Friday Five for January 22nd, 2016

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy

The Friday Five for January 22nd, 2016

Following is this week’s Friday Five! – a quick rundown of our favorite social media content that gained traction online over the course of the week. The articles herein are identified using the Tracx social business management platform. They cover everything from social media industry-related content, to unique projects that we feel utilized social data in a powerful way, to pieces that simply piqued our interest or made us think about a given topic differently. So, without further ado, we bring you the Friday Five!

Facebook ‘Sports Stadium’ Lets Friends Follow Games Live


Social media and spectator sports are basically made for each other, so the only surprise is that it took Facebook this long to roll out a product targeting the enormous audiences where they overlap. This week Facebook announced the launch of “Facebook Sports Stadium,” a hub for Facebook users to follow games live along with their friends, while integrating a variety of external media.

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#Periscope: What Does the Future Hold for Twitter’s Popular Live-Streaming App?


At the recent Periscope Community Summit in San Francisco, hundreds of Periscope stars and watchers gathered to talk about what the app means to them and how they can grow through the app.

Periscope has grown tremendously, and as more celebrities catch on, the trend doesn’t show signs of stopping. But what’s next for the app, which is now a deeper part of the Twitter experience (at least for iOS users)?

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Influencers Are Your Most Powerful Brand Advocates


Influencer marketing allows brands to connect with digital audiences in unprecedented ways. Consumers have developed deep connections with the bloggers and social media personalities they follow, and when marketers partner with these influencers, people see the brand through the eyes of someone they trust. Daniel Saynt, CEO and chief creative officer at influencer casting agency Socialyte, spoke with eMarketer’s Tricia Carr about the qualities of a successful influencer campaign and the big impact of Snapchat.

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Hot SEO Trends Coming Your Way in 2016


Search engine optimization in 2016 is light years different than it was in 2006.

SEO today is a mash up of content marketing, PR, mobile, and social media. Therefore, in order for your business to be successful in organic search, you should weave SEO into the fabric of the different facets of your marketing. In 2016, to grow and even just maintain search visibility, you must adhere to the new rules of SEO. Welcome to this new world, as outlined below in our list of the hottest SEO trends coming your way in the months ahead.

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Four Key Mobile And Location-Based Trends For 2016


From mobile payments to the IoT, columnist Aaron Strout takes a look at the top trends in mobile we should expect to see this year.

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