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The Friday Five for June 5th, 2015

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy

Every Friday we’ll provide a quick rundown of our favorite social media content that gained traction online over the course of the week. The articles shared are identified using the Tracx social business management platform. We’ll cover everything from social media industry-related content, to unique projects that we feel utilized social data in a powerful way, to pieces that simply piqued our interest or made us think about a given topic differently.

So, without further ado, we bring you the Friday Five!

What’s Hot and What’s Not for Social Media Marketing These Days


What is working these days in the online marketing world? What isn’t? Let’s touch on a few of the current trends and see whether or not they are indeed effective.

Where Does Your Brand Fit In the Social Media and Content Marketing Equation?


Organisations must go where the conversation is – and that means listening to, monitoring and engaging with social media.

7 to-dos on Your Daily Social Media Calendar


Here are the tasks to be carried out as part of the the daily social media agenda.

A Three Step Guide to Winning at Instagram


All around the world, users disillusioned with the ads of Facebook and the noise of Twitter are switching over to the more aesthetically-oriented interaction of Instagram content.

B2B Marketers Choose LinkedIn over Facebook


When asked which social channel is the single most important to them, it turns out that the majority of B2B marketers actually puts LinkedIn ahead of Facebook. 41% of the 1,000+ respondents with a B2B focus named LinkedIn as there number 1 choice, while Facebook got the nod from 30% of the surveyed B2B professionals.

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