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The #FridayFive for August 15th: Supermoon, EDM Cats, and Fantasy Football Fantasy

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Happy Friday, everyone! Today we continue the tradition of the #FridayFive here at Tracx. Every Friday, we’ll provide a quick rundown of our favorite content that gained traction on social throughout the week. These trends are identified using the Community Dashboard in the Tracx Social Enterprise Platform.

The Tracx dashboard collects trending content and presents a complete and holistic real-time view of what’s popular across the web. This information is invaluable for people and enterprises that want to produce content that is highly relevant, and who also want to weigh in on the most current topics possible. While the #FridayFive will always consist of content that yielded significant attention in the social media world, these lists are comprised of the trends that grabbed OUR attention the most. They might be informative, controversial, or comical.

Fantasy Football Fantasy – A Manning Brothers Music Video

Only 20 days left ‘til the NFL season kicks off, and fans are getting pumped! Over the past few years, the popularity of fantasy football has boomed tremendously, and DirecTV is launching a “Fantasy Zone” channel included in their exclusive “NFL Sunday Ticket” package for the 2014 season.

In order to spread awareness about the addition to the Sunday Ticket, DirecTV enlisted two of the most recognizable faces of the NFL – The Manning brothers. This awesome ad features Eli and Peyton rapping their latest hit, “Fantasy Football Fantasy.” The clip gained traction on YouTube since its release on Monday, and was shared like mad across all major social networks by football fans and pop culture fans alike.

Supermoon 2014

moon1 resized 600

This article, which was published by The Atlantic, features 21 mesmerizing photos of last Sunday’s “Supermoon,” captured from all over the world. I first saw this being shared on my personal Facebook newsfeed at the beginning of the week, and later on I noticed it floating around the Community Dashboard within Tracx as it made its way through the Twittersphere.

moon2 resized 600

It’s understandable why people are sharing these pictures, aside from their aesthetic appeal they highlight and remind us of the fact that we are considerably small when taking into account the mindboggling vastness that we call outer space. At least for myself, beautifully raw and naturally occurring events such as the Supermoon serve as the most humbling reminders of this concept.

Screen Shot 2014 08 14 at 11.09.58 PM resized 600

Robin Williams

This #FridayFive wouldn’t have been complete without paying homage to the great Robin Williams. Social media absolutely EXPLODED with grief after hearing of the amazing actor/comedian’s passing on Monday afternoon. Celebrities and fans alike took to various social networks to pay their respects to a man that provided so many people so much joy for so many years.

rw1 resized 600

rw2 resized 600

rw3 resized 600

In this clip from The Conan O’Brien Show, it’s easy to get a feel for the type of person that Robin Williams was. As Conan puts it, “you can talk about Robin, or you can just let him have the floor…”

true that

Uhhh….Michael Cera released a music album. The actor most noted as being the gangly awkward kid from the film Superbad quietly uploaded a $7 self-released album entitled true that to Bandcamp this past week. While murmurs began to spread that it was indeed Cera behind the music, it wasn’t until Superbad co-star Jonah Hill tweeted the following that people actually began to believe their ears.

cera1 resized 600

The most shocking part of all of this is that the album is actually pretty good. Cera blends talents on both the piano and the guitar, resulting in a style all his own. His vocals are just sheepish enough to be definitively Cera, while still sounding professionally soothing and entertaining.

All in all, I just wanted to spread the word about true that. I have tons of respect for anyone with that much limelight that chooses to go about releasing such a personal project so quietly. Buy the album if you enjoy the music!

Meow Mix Song | EDM Cat Remix by Ashworth

This absurd advertisement was created by Meow Mix as part of their recent campaign, during which they’re releasing a series of remixes to their famous household jingle. It’s clear that Meow Mix is going for the sheer spectacle approach here, as this video features a bunch of cats partying to EDM and an exploding disco ball that rains morsels of kibble on the raging kittens. It appears to be working, as Tracx’s Community Dashboard recognized the clip as driving more and more chatter and distribution throughout the week. Meow Mix is even hosting a contest for the best amateur rendition of their jingle, so grab your cat a weird costume and have at it.

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