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The #FridayFive for May 30th

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy

Happy Friday everyone! Today we continue the tradition of the #FridayFive here at Tracx. Each Friday, we’ll provide a quick rundown of our favorite content that gathered significant traction on social throughout the week. These trends are identified using the Community Dashboard in the Tracx Social Enterprise Platform.

Using Tracx technology, this dashboard collects trending content to present a complete and holistic view of what’s popular across the social web, in real-time. This information is invaluable for people and enterprises that want to produce content that is highly relevant, and who also want to weigh in on the most current topics possible. While the #FridayFive will always consist of content that yielded significant attention in the social media world, these lists are comprised of the trends that grabbed OUR attention the most. They might be informative, controversial, or comical.


This week, environmental advocacy group The Toxic Effect promoted the hashtag #askChevron on Twitter. The tag allowed activists to voice their anger regarding Chevron’s environmental destruction of the Ecuadorian rainforest by challenging the company with direct and probing questions. We found the story behind this hashtag so interesting that we decided to dig deeper and write a post dedicated to The Toxic Effect and Chevron. Read it here!


apple3 resized 600

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference begins this coming Monday, and social media is buzzing with anticipation. Over the course of the five-day conference, Apple will showcase their new software and technologies. According to the official WWDC website, they’re setting the bar fairly high for themselves:

“For five days, one thousand Apple engineers and five thousand developers will gather together. And life will be different as a result. Write the code. Change the world.”

Content surrounding the conference typically displays excitement for the conference in general, but people are also eagerly waiting to hear more about particular Apple product releases.

apple 1 resized 600

apple 2 resized 600

apple4 resized 600


#Somethingyougettoldalot was trending on Twitter all week, with a huge amount of tweets being produced with the tag. However, I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed with the lack of diversity in the posts that people created, and how much of the content seemed to be people’s way of passive aggressively highlighting comments that offend them and affect their self esteem. A surprising amount of these tweets touched on issues with racial identity and age misinterpretation, which I found surprising.

white1 resized 600

black1 resized 600

age1 resized 600

When I first saw that this hashtag was gaining traction, I expected most of the posts to have tones of absurdity and humor. Instead, a notable portion of the content was simply teens listing instruction from authority as a method of venting frustration…riveting stuff…

teen1 resized 600


In a previous edition of the #FridayFive, we tipped our cap to IHOP for its viral social engagement with its loyal customers. The brand pushes out simplistic and lighthearted content regarding breakfast, and social networkers continue to respond positively by expressing their love for the International House of Pancakes. IHOP was trending heavily again this week, and while most of the tweets were brief statements of craving and desire, some hidden gems made the Tracxters chuckle:

ihop 1 resized 600

ihop 2 resized 600

Personally, I haven’t been to IHOP in years…but combing through all of this content has left me craving it…I guess @J_Pickle31 is right…

ihop 3 resized 600


This video has been watched over 8 million times in just 5 days… To be honest, the advancement of technology and the effect that it will have on youth is something that I think about pretty frequently. I find myself a little shaken every time I see a toddler playing with an iPad while the rest of his/her family eats in a restaurant, or when I’m on the subway and see a kid in a stroller playing Flappy Bird on his mom’s iPhone. But there’s little use in being cynical, because tech gadgets are most certainly not going anywhere, and it would be naïve to believe that children of the future won’t be raised completely immersed in the world of cyber space.

This YouTube clip highlights just how much technology has advanced in a few decades. In the words of the boy at 6:40: “Look at how humanity has used their intellect! Pretty awesome!!!”

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