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The Revealing Nature of Social Data

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The Revealing Nature of Social Data

Consumers are now less reliant on Sales for information, which has forced salespeople to change their mindset and use of social channels. The educated consumer expects their experiences to be swift, and individualized, putting Sales in the position where they must learn more about the customer. Those who don’t may be turning away their most important customers – the ones that recommend, share and pay for the products and services they deem are worth it. LinkedIn revealed that 90% of decision-makers never respond to cold outreach. It’s clear that Sales has to change its game.

Social data, together with CRM data, enables Sales to look closer and decipher consumer behavior and preferences throughout their journey. This information tells the story about the individual, which can be priceless, and help Sales proactively do its job. Gaining that 360-degree view for each opportunity also helps to interpret if another touch point is necessary to close a deal.

On a high level, social data can help seek engagement opportunities based on mentions and conversations. It’s also a tool for lead generation and seeking qualified prospects. Going a little deeper, geographical data from social can help to re-focus sales in various areas. Under the influence of social data, predictive behavior insights can help in determining when, where and how segmented targets make purchases.


Because consumers can now dictate a brand’s public perception with the click of a mouse, customer service professionals have had to shift their focus in order to keep customers happy and satisfied. Social media has become an official platform for customer care departments to communicate with its customers.

Using social data as a means to listen and respond to customer woes (and praises) is a powerful tool. Customer care departments can identify and diffuse issues in real-time, saving money for the business as well as satisfying consumer expectations for rapid response time. Monitoring social media through a comprehensive platform can enable users to cut customer service costs and drive revenue through loyalty and profitability by steering calls away from the call center.

Biltmore Estate, a 4-star rated property and hotel, creates experiences for their guests, some of which leverage the grounds’ sprawling vineyard, equestrian program and a less formal hotel on property, in addition to a home furnishing line. By implementing a social media-monitoring platform, the social team was provided with a listening, analytics, scheduling and monitoring platform. Conversation clouds served to reveal what users were mentioning, and engagement reports offered insight into time, place, context and content of conversations. They were able to learn what their customers were thinking about the activities and which ones were most popular. The information gathered from the platform gave them insight into what and how to tweak their strategy to meet customer needs.

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