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The Top 5 Most Important Analytics for Understanding Your Customers

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A recent article by eMarketer highlights the opportunities that data provides in regards to personalization. While today’s marketers are using data more than ever to tailor their interactions with their consumers, the article also underlines the challenges that come with the territory of providing such a customized approach. There is no magic bullet that will solve all the issues presented, however, social media and powerful social analytics platforms provide unparalleled insight into customer behavior and affinities that alleviate the hardships and challenges marketers face when trying to understand, engage, and personalize content for consumers.

According to a May 2014 study conducted by Econsultancy in association with Lynchpin, marketers identified the following essential KPI’s when it came to analytics for understanding customers:

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Here’s how brands utilize Tracx to address each of these focus areas, and to gain an unparalleled understanding of consumers:

See when various major social networks are most active by filtering between time of day, or day of week. Your customers react differently across different channels, especially when it comes to varying social networks. Surface key conversation drivers around your brand and your ecosystem that ultimately impact your communications.

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Monitor online and offline campaigns for true omni-channel insight. Don’t limit your campaign tracking to just hashtags – capture the full relevant online conversation to gauge message awareness, retention, and amplification.


Social media is the most scalable, truly personal marketing channel. Create true 1-to-1 interactions. Fulfill customers’ demand for immediate, personalized service via in-line engagement, as detailed here.

Tracx’s Social Leads feature allows identification of and targeting to different stages of the sales funnel. Surface potential revenue-driving consumers for your product or service.

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Influence the advertisement creative process, as discussed in this blog post. Find out what messaging, creative, and other content resonates most with your customers to create relevant and timely campaigns.

The Customer Care dashboard surfaces what’s most relevant at any given moment to capture trending content and insert your brand directly into the most current conversations – moving away from blanket evergreen campaigns towards timely messaging.

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Leverage advanced analytics and user identification/aggregation algorithms to uncover brand influencers and brand assassins. Protect your brand, while isolating key communication nodes that will amplify your brand. Word-of-mouth recommendations drive increased engagement and sales.

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By tapping into the largest pool of consumer data, you can build detailed customer segmentation analysis, as addressed in our whitepaper, Social Customer Segmentationand the following blog posts:


Machine-learning sentiment analysis allows the user to get a grip on how consumers really feel about his/her brand. This information can be filtered and sliced to view sentiment across various demographics, topics, and sections of your market, in order to gain a full 360-degree perspective of how your current and potential customers view your brand. Sentiment is shown for each post, and is able to be updated manually.

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Monitoring the social customer lifecycle through the Tracx Social Leads module as well as our Customer Care Dashboard. Bring social data into your organization to enhance business intelligence, looking at engagement rates, response times, and lifecycle stages to uncover hidden pain points and bottlenecks in your customer service strategies.


Gain deep social analysis and insight that can only be revealed by pulling in all relevant conversations across the social web through an enterprise social media platform like Tracx. Just like with web analytics, track and monitor your campaign’s impact on your bottom line. Find the most resonating messaging, from the basic hashtag to visual creative and beyond.

The Tracx Trend Analysis Dashboard allows brands to stay up to date with current trends, most popular URLs, and how the trends are distributed across various social networks over time. Users can then leverage trending content to amplify their messaging within relevant conversations.

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Identify conversation drivers for your brand and ecosystem that your audience of consumers has engaged with most. Monitor these topics over time to truly assess their efficacy.

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With Tracx’s exportable multi-formatted reports detailing owned media engagement/response, manipulate the data to uncover even more trends and key insights aligned with your unique KPIs.

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Social media has grown up. The days of it being a novelty or a “toy” are long gone, and smart organizations have already integrated social media into their strategies and business intelligence divisions. By using Tracx, the world’s top brands understand consumers better than ever before. Truly personalized messaging and engagement comes at a near 1-to-1 level, which is scalable through social media by using Tracx.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll explore how Tracx overcomes the challenges that most organizations experience when trying reach these important KPI’s.

Stay on top of social media trends and insights for your enterprise solution.

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