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Viewing Social Data as a Voice of The People via Tracx

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For organizations that are looking to remain “in the loop” with a global audience, the need for a social tool that pulls full-scope data from around the world, in real-time, is more important than ever. We can thank social media for this, as stories are constantly going viral and being shared across networks regardless of location of origin. Social media creates a globally connected community with a greater story to tell than what is often on the surface.


Europeans have tuned in to the Eurovision Song Contest religiously ever since its inception in 1956, and over 120 million people watched this year’s finale.

But this particular competition has been gaining attention for reasons other than just the music. The 2014 Eurovision winner was Conchita Wurst, the female alter ego of Austrian Thomas Neuwirth. The drag performer and “bearded lady” performed a beautiful rendition of a James Bond-esque ballad entitled “Rise Like a Phoenix,” winning over Eurovision voters in dramatic fashion.



Wurst has sparked controversy as many are considering her success a clear rebuke against Putin’s anti-LGBT legislation. In an interview during which Wurst was asked a question regarding Vladimir Putin, she responded, “I don’t know if he is watching this now, but if so, I’ll say it: ‘We are unstoppable.’”

As one can imagine, this statement added fuel to the fire of controversy, triggering a harsh response from Russian nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “There’s no limit to our outrage. It’s the end of Europe. It has turned wild. They don’t have men and women any more. They have ‘it.’”


Social media acts as a means for “The People” to express their true voice. Oftentimes, people find themselves more confident, willing, and able to speak out and voice opinions on social networks. So when a politician marks “the end of Europe” due to a singing lady with a beard, it’s only natural that people turn to social in order to form and express their own opinions.

Accordingly, we looked at the sentiment and location of origin of social activity that referenced “Conchita Wurst.” Here’s what we found:

describe the image

The map above depicts sentiment by location for tweets mentioning “Conchita Wurst” over the course of the week that she was named Eurovision champion. Globally, there was a significant positive trend towards the singer, as people not only supported her music but also her advocacy for LGBT rights. Diving deeper geographically, in Western European countries, such as France, Ireland, The UK, and Germany, an overall strong trend for positive sentiment surfaced. On the other hand, Russians using social media voiced a much more negative opinion, in-line with Putin’s anti-LGBT legislation.

What can be gleaned from this data is that even in Russia, where a majority of social activity expressed negative sentiment in regards to Wurst, there was still a statistically-significant amount of positive support being expressed (>23%) – a statistic that clearly shows the Russian people do not entirely agree with Putin’s anti-LGBT legislation.

These conclusions highlight the importance of a tool that moves beyond simplistic sentiment scoring and includes detailed geo-location insights. Sophisticated tools allow us to see beyond the surface. Tracx goes further than aggregate scores of such entities, and provides deeper analysis from complex sentiment scores and a geo-location perspective. With Tracx, enterprises can leverage social data to find out how their audience truly feels about an event, product, or even a moral value, revealing the greater insight into conversation drivers, geographic-sensitive topics, and different ways to view data. This will organically prove useful in all aspects of enterprise business, from sales and marketing all the way through to customer care.

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