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The ROI of Influencer Marketing

Consumers no longer blindly trust advertisements. Instead, they trust influencers whose judgment has a proven track record. Done right, influencer marketing can communicate a brand’s culture directly to a target audience in an authentic manner.


2015, The Year in Social: A Look Book

The year 2015 was rife with social media trends, blunders, successes and most of all – lessons. There is much to learn from each of the entries in this Look Book. They've paved the way for better direction in social media by showing what works and what needs a new strategy.


The Power of Crowds

Much can be gained from the use of crowds - from crisis management to product feedback and innovation. Accordingly, businesses are decentralizing in-house research and labor in favor of the opinion and work of the masses.


How to Uncover New Opportunities Using Social Data

As the use of social media for business continues to proliferate, more and more social data is also being created. Businesses that don’t take advantage of this invaluable resource of data will fall behind their competitors that are capitalizing more efficiently. Social data can benefit many departme


Breaking Social out of its Silo

Due to the nature of large businesses and their structured departments, social data sits in a silo, limiting its potential to inform critical marketing and business decisions. This ebook provides insights into how large businesses can bring social intelligence to all necessary departments.


Which Metrics Matter

Social channels are more important than ever for brands, but too often their success is measured in terms of shares and likes—metrics that appear useful on the surface, but fail to get at the real impact of a campaign. That’s why astute brands are turning to richer social intelligence to get a clear


Guide to Smarter Social Engagement

The Guide to Smarter Social Engagement provides a thorough understanding on the crucial steps to engaging intelligently with your social audience. Learn about audience types, best practices for communication and tactics to avoid.

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