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Research Report

Is Social Data Siloed in Your Company?

To find out how today’s businesses typically work with social media data, we created a survey to determine how companies are currently leveraging social, how confident they are with their social strategy, which departments are leveraging social data the most, and what that data is typically used for.

Research Report

How to Capitalize on Market Trends via Social Media

Due to the competitive nature of today's business landscape, it's important to stay on top of what your competitors are up to and how the market you play in is shaping up. Social media holds the key to unprecedented amounts of consumer and competitor data, which if leveraged properly can inform your business as to how you can best provide your audience with what they want.

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Does your social media strategy feel disjointed? It turns out, the trick isn’t to drown out the onslaught of tweets, pins, and posts — it’s to listen and channel them into more engagement, conversions, reach, and ROI for your brand.


Social Performance Report: Blue Apron v. HelloFresh

In this Social Performance Report, we’re looking at Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh. Through the Tracx platform, we measured both brands’ social media buzz, and dug deep into their conversations’ content in order to examine how the brands’ social presences are shaping their overall reputation.