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Crisis Management Through Social Media Monitoring

This webinar addressed the challenges and complications of crisis management in the age of social media, and the vital role of deep listening for critical business intelligence. Speakers who have been in the trenches provided real-world insights from major disasters and crises including Katrina, Hur


What to Look for in Social Media Management Software

Social data has gone beyond tracking buzz and monitoring trends. Companies are using social insights to inform product development, campaign content, measure campaign success, engage community members in a more meaningful way, and more. But getting the data organized and working for you isn't as easy. Join Tracx and a guest speaker from Forrester for a webinar on how social insights can move the needle on business objectives across the organization and what you should look for in your next social media management platform.


Capture the Full Conversation

During the webinar, Reinhardt Schuhmann of Tracx explained how many marketers believe that brand mentions and sentiment analysis are sufficient for successful social listening. However, these marketers are disregarding many other pieces of vital data, and are not getting a well-rounded view of their customers. This webinar dives deep into what marketers should be listening to in order to receive comprehensive views of both their customers and their brand.


The ROI of Influencer Marketing

During this webinar, Eric Berkowitz of Tracx and Kathleen Hessert of Sports Media Challenge discuss how if executed properly, influencer marketing can communicate a brand’s messaging directly to a target audience in an authentic manner. Learn how to find talent that is brand-appropriate and also aspirational, what kind of business goals to set with an influencer program, and how to track and understand metrics to measure a program’s effectiveness.


The Power of Crowds

Crowdsourcing has deeply impacted research and development, and has led to startling changes within some enterprises that have openly adopted the practice. Soliciting contributions from large crowds has been proven to deliver better results than from experts alone, and has also saved time and money for businesses.


How to Uncover New Opportunities Using Social Data

During this presentation, Danielle Gerson of Tracx discusses how social data provides insights into brand health, consumer sentiment, product viability, market segments and more. She also explains how businesses rely on social data to prioritize actions, discover inefficiencies and expose new opportunities.


Which Social Metrics Matter?

During this presentation Mike Snead, Senior Director of Enablement at MXM, and Reinhardt Schuhmann, Product Manager for Tracx, reveal the top metrics to monitor for the success of your social campaigns. Learn how social data can enable organizations, brands, marketing teams, and content creators to optimize against business objectives and evolve at the speed of social.


Breaking Social Out of Its Silo

The very nature of social media requires that it crosses boundaries and informs all campaigns, business efforts and customer touchpoints. You must also set up infrastructure within your organization that allows for convenient communication, and you must invest in the right tools and platforms that are flexible enough to move with your prospect and customer initiatives instead of rigidly defining them.


Is a Comprehensive Social Management Platform Truly Here?

New enterprises often adopt the latest platform for one unique feature that helps them run efficiently. After a while, the tools that promise seamlessness can actually hamper efficiency, and the ability for organizations to scale. How do successful organizations streamline their social management?


Connecting Your Enterprise: Collaboration at Scale

Social is critical for scaling enterprises. You can’t scale your business if employees exist in separate silos, disconnected from the entire organization. Achieving true social collaboration requires the right tools, as well as new approaches to management that encourage and nurture positive growth.


Protecting Your Brand: Privacy, Risk, and Compliance

Social enterprises know data security is critical to gain consumer trust. But many don’t know how to begin implementing protective practices and software. Can you be a social business with a scalable secure data setup? It's about fostering a culture of data compliance throughout the enterprise.


Stop Brand Assassins and Engage Your True Influencers

Influencer management is an integral practice for social enterprises. Organizations must identify and engage with both the influential advocates of their brand, and the brand assassins that could tarnish their reputation. Are you unlocking the potential of your brand's influencers?

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