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What to Look for in Social Media Management Software

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Social data has gone beyond tracking buzz and monitoring trends. Companies are using social insights to inform product development, campaign content, measure campaign success, engage community members in a more meaningful way, and more. But getting the data organized and working for you isn’t as easy. Companies often falter when they don’t have the right purpose, people, platforms, or processes in place. Join Tracx and a guest speaker from Forrester for a webinar on how social insights can move the needle on business objectives across the organization and what you should look for in your next social media management platform.


Samantha_NgoSamantha Ngo works at Forrester as a researcher serving Customer Insights Professionals. She covers social intelligence, and her research focuses on how to leverage social data to turn customer insights into action across the enterprise. She advises clients on all aspects of social intelligence, including how to shape a purpose, design processes, and choose the right people and platforms to support their social listening strategy.

RebeccaLombardoRebecca Lombardo, Director of Strategic Services at Tracx, has successfully launched professional services teams that help clients to become better marketers. The Strategic Services team works with Tracx users to focus on their social media business goals and strategies. Rebecca is also a speaker, writer and early social media adopter. She has been featured as one of 50 prominent Huffington Post bloggers.