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Download Obamacare - Through the Social Lens

Discover the hidden political insights ready to be surfaced from social media by using the next-generation unified enterprise social media platform, Tracx. It's time to stop ignoring social media in politics...

Political movers and shakers are discovering the power of social media to surface issue-boosting and election-saving insights.

Political advocates, lobbyists, and candidates can learn a lot by leveraging social media in their research and activity measurement.

It’s time to really listen to the people. Let Tracx show you how.


Don’t get left behind in the socail media races. Social media is a focus group of over 1 BILLION people to draw insights from…be it an election, a political hot topic, or a legislative issue.

Obamacare: Through the Social Lens provides a deeper understanding of the American Care Act through its turbulent launch to reveal:

  • conversation drivers both by individual and politicians
  • key influencers driving conversation and viewpoints
  • social activity around every major key ACA milestone

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