The industry’s most robust and scalable SMMS

Tracx is a NYC-based company with a SaaS platform for sophisticated brand marketers who want to do more than monitor their social media presence, but actually manage it. The company provides an end-to-end solution that indexes the entire social web and delivers the most relevant, high impact audiences and conversations by capturing a 360 degree view of activity around a brand. The platform allows marketers to sift through streams of social media data and drill down to provide geographic, demographic, and psychographic insights and to monitor performance against competitors while planning, monitoring, engaging, and measuring influencers all in one place.

The Tracx Platform

Tracx Social Intelligence Platform is based upon three core pillars:

Social Management:

tracx_social_managementManage and monitor all of your social media activity through Tracx. With Tracx unique workflow management, now entire teams across numerous departments can all be included in enterprise social business issues with advanced routing and assigning.
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Social Intelligence:

tracx_social_intelligenceGain unparalleled insight into your social activity and your influencers. Tracx sentiment scoring provides complete contextual analysis of the entire social conversation (not just excerpts) for a deeper and holistic view of social activity.
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Social Monetization:

tracx_social_monetizationAccelerate your lead to revenue timeline within Tracx Social Leads – a one-of-a-kind technology that enables organizations to mine latent revenue-generating leads from social activity.
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The company was founded by:
Ofer Fort, Noam Singer, Niv Singer, Yaniv Ben-Arie, and Asaf Shtekler.

Investors include:
Jeff Bussgang – Flybridge Capital, Joe Apprendi – Revel Partners, and Charlie Federman – Crossbar Capital.

Tracx is currently active in the following markets:
US, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, & Israel.