A Delighted alternative made for offline-first businesses

TRACX is an affordable alternative to Delighted that offers simple experience marketing tools, multiple delivery platforms, and no monthly send limits!

Delighted vs. TRACX – Which CX platform is best for your business?

With multiple contactless channels available, TRACX is best suited to offline-first businesses with multiple locations. Delighted is a better fit if you need to integrate into an iOS app or you’re thinking of using Qualtrics for your Enterprise needs.

Company TypeTRACXDelighted
Independent & local businesses✅✅✅
Small and Medium (SMEs)✅✅✅✅✅✅
Online & E-commerce✅✅✅
iOS & Android Apps✅✅✅

Feature Comparison: Delighted vs. TRACX

Feedback Surveys

When it comes to feedback surveys, Delighted and TRACX are neck-and-neck. Both platforms are proactive about adding new survey templates to their products. The TRACX conversational UI offers greater flexibility for follow up questions.

Feedback SurveysTRACXDelighted
Thumbs-Up and Down
Conversational UI

Survey Channels

Delighted provides a number of good tools for capturing feedback online, as well as an iOS SDK. However, the Delighted kiosk mode requires an iPad which can present logistical challenges where placement and power are concerned. TRACX excels at contactless feedback channels with QR code and NFC tag integrations.

Survey ChannelsTRACXDelighted
Feedback kiosk
Offline QR Codes & NFC tags
Direct link
Email surveys
Website “widget”
WhatsApp & Messengers
iOS & Android SDK
TRACX does not offer integrated SMS and WhatsApp surveys at this time, but the direct link can be embedded using existing systems


Delighted offers a greater number of integration options than TRACX, this comes with additional complexity and is better suited to larger businesses and those with strong tech capabilities. TRACX provides a simple, out-of-the-box, experience marketing platform.

1300+ apps using ZapierComing soon
Direct integrations22+
API integration

Unique to TRACX

We built TRACX to be the best experience management platform for offline-first businesses.

Easy to use

Unlimited surveys

Get started for free

Get more meaningful feedback. Respond in real-time. No credit card required.

No Branding

Unlike Delighted, TRACX doesn’t force you to put our branding on your surveys and emails.

Personal support

It doesn’t matter what size business you are, we are here to support you. Every TRACX customer has access to our support team by phone, email and live chat.

CX with Simple UX

Because TRACX is built for smaller businesses, it makes customer experience management simple and easy for everyone. There’s no need to spend hours or days getting trained to use the platform – you just log in and get started!

Pricing Comparison: Delighted vs. TRACX

Comparing the pricing on TRACX vs. Delighted

Small£19 / mo$224+ / mo
Medium / ProfessionalFrom £30 / mo$449+ / mo
Free Trial

Get started for free

Get more meaningful feedback. Respond in real-time. No credit card required.