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Improve employee experience

Clients do not come first. Employees come first.

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. — Sir Richard Branson


Attract top talent and hire exceptional people

Provide a great candidate experience by bringing your company culture to the recruitment process. Create engaging landing pages that showcase what it’s like to work in your organisation, and build simple recruitment forms that can be embedded anywhere to receive resumes effortlessly.

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Onboard new employees with zero friction

Delivering a great employee onboarding experience can be the difference between retaining and losing the best new hires. Provide essential resources, collect feedback on the experience, and use it to continually improve the onboarding process.

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Understand how employees really feel at work

Regular pulse and eNPS surveys let you track employee satisfaction, recognise aspects of the company’s culture that employees appreciate, and measure the impact of perks and benefits on workers’ happiness and productivity.

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Get a unique perspective on business performance

Listen to the stories of people who have left the company: what led them to decide it was time to move on. Use feedback from exit interviews to learn why employees leave and tweak workplace conditions to improve your employee experience and culture.

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How it works

Your playbook for creating exceptional experiences

Find out how you can start creating great experiences and a more engaged workforce

Create engaging experiences

Cut out impersonal company-wide surveys. A thriving and positive workplace culture depends on giving employees the best tools to share their feedback. Use conversational, in-the-moment surveys to get better response rates and meaningful feedback.

Understand the full employee journey

Understand the full employee journey Understand the experience of your employees at every stage of their journey with your company and make real-time adjustments to improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction and minimise employee turnover.

Attract and retain top talent

To retain talent and attract the best recruits, build a workplace they will feel passionate about. Listen to what they have to say, empower them to do their best work, recognise loyalty and incentivise them to refer new talent to the business.


Everything you need to engage your workforce

Collect feedback, boost productivity, and create the ideal company culture


Create forms to capture leads and collect data.


Get feedback from customers and employees.

Landing Pages

Launch stunning landing pages in the blink of an eye.

Link in Bio

Maximise your social reach by adding a link to your bio.

QR Codes

Generate QR codes to connect with your customers.

Short URLs

Make your links shorter, smarter, and more memorable.


Boost your online presence and reputation with reviews.


Collect testimonials and display them on your website.


Turn raw data into meaningful insights at scale.