Improve patient experience with painless patient satisfaction surveys

Patient experience management is critical for healthcare organisations, practices and providers looking to increase patient loyalty, improve referrals and more, but collecting and acting on feedback can be costly and time consuming. With TRACX, you can:

✅ Rapidly collect feedback from patients at all points of care
✅ Keep patients happy as well as healthy
✅ Increase growth and patient referrals
✅ Optimise and improve business processes

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Reduce wasted spend and improve patient experience

Optimise your patient experience in real-time with TRACX, the next generation patient feedback platform

Instant feedback,
immediate action

TRACX gathers feedback in real-time, from every touchpoint that you wish to track — and alerts you as issues arise.

The time it takes to respond to patient feedback is cut down from days to minutes, improving patient satisfaction.

No waiting,
no more guesswork

Stop waiting for data from post-treatment surveys.

TRACX tells you how your patients are feeling NOW so you can focus on providing complete care and improving outcomes.

Good for reviews,
great for business

TRACX notifies you on negative feedback so you can address patient concerns and issues before they go public.

Satisfied patients are encouraged to leave a review on the platforms that matter most, boosting your online visibility and protecting your reputation.

Discover the difference

Before TRACX

❌ Expensive mystery shoppers and CX audits
❌ Wait for weeks or months to get insights
❌ Low engagement rates with surveys
❌ Hard to use and slow to procure “enterprise” platforms


✅ Get real feedback from real patients
✅ Discover insights and get alerts in real-time
✅ Innovative, engaging surveys
✅ Simple and easy to use, up and running in minutes

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Get more meaningful feedback. Respond in real-time. No credit card required.