Customer Experience Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Get more sales, better reviews, higher profits, and happier customers. TRACX collects in-the-moment feedback from your customers, finds areas with the highest impact on customer satisfaction, and helps generate more reviews on the sites that matter to you.

✅ Improve customer satisfaction
✅ Generate more reviews
✅ Stay ahead of the competition

Be the #1 choice for customers in your area

Win new customers and keep them coming back for more


Discover how your dealership can win over more customers and crush your targets


Discover how a one-off car hire, van hire, or truck rental can turn into a customer for life


Discover how your garage or body shop can get more reviews and reach more customers

Build custom surveys and branded landing pages

Create branded experiences for your customers with our no-code surveys and page-builder. No tech skills needed. Simply add your logo and select your brand colours, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Collect real feedback, in real-time

Stop waiting for data from mystery shoppers and post-service surveys. TRACX tells you how your customers are feeling NOW, so you can mitigate potential frustrations before they turn into real problems.

Get instant feedback,
take immediate action

TRACX gathers feedback in real-time, from every touchpoint that you wish to track — and alerts you as issues arise.The time it takes to respond to customer feedback is cut down from days to minutes, improving customer satisfaction.

Get feedback at every touchpoint

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Good for reviews,
great for business

TRACX notifies you of negative feedback so you can address customer concerns and issues before they go public. Satisfied customers are encouraged to leave a review on the platforms that matter most, boosting your online visibility and protecting your reputation.

Discover the difference

Before TRACX

❌ Learn what went wrong when you read the reviews on Google, Facebook, TrustPilot…
❌ Expensive mystery shoppers and CX audits
❌ Wait for weeks or months to get insights
❌ Low engagement rates with surveys
❌ Hard to use and slow to procure “enterprise” platforms


✅ Get private feedback in real-time that allows you to fix frustrations fast
✅ Get real feedback from real customers
✅ Discover insights and get alerts in real-time
✅ Innovative, engaging surveys
✅ Simple and easy to use, up and running in minutes

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Get more meaningful feedback. Respond in real-time. No credit card required.

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