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Surveys and feedback forms are an essential tool for getting honest, direct insights into student experiences. Use TRACX to get immediate, actionable feedback from students and parents.

✅ Improve student satisfaction
✅ Monitor classroom performance
✅ Benchmark and compare classes

Be the #1 choice for students and parents

Deliver exceptional learning and teaching experiences


Classroom feedback tools can be used to collect student feedback regarding their experiences in the school, the quality of their education, and how well the teachers are performing.


Surveys and questionnaires can be used to learn about student satisfaction at college, including their views on the quality of teaching, the educational environment, facilities, and more.


Use student feedback to learn about the university experience, including students’ views on the quality of education, campus culture, student housing and more.

Build custom surveys and branded landing pages

Create branded experiences for your educational institution with no-code surveys and a custom page builder. Delivering engaging experiences for your students is easy, with no tech skills required. Simply add your logo, tell us your brand colours, and we’ll do the rest.

Collect real feedback, in real-time

Quit waiting for students and parents to fill out an end of the year survey. Start getting feedback from your students during the term, so you can troubleshoot potential issues and squash them before they become full-blown problems.

Measure and monitor perforamnce

Feedback is gathered in real-time across all locations and touchpoints. Students, parents, and staff members can provide feedback on every area of your institution, giving you a clear picture of how things are working and where you need to improve.

Get feedback at every touchpoint

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Good for reviews,
great for business

Protect your reputation by being notified of negative feedback and acting decisively to correct issues before they go public. Make better use of positive feedback to promote your academic institution, helping you reach new students, and improving the student experience.

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Before TRACX

❌ Learn what went wrong when you read the reviews on Google, Facebook, TrustPilot…
❌ Expensive mystery shoppers and CX audits
❌ Wait for weeks or months to get insights
❌ Low engagement rates with surveys
❌ Hard to use and slow to procure “enterprise” platforms


✅ Get private feedback in real-time that allows you to fix frustrations fast
✅ Get real feedback from real students
✅ Discover insights and get alerts in real-time
✅ Innovative, engaging surveys
✅ Simple and easy to use, up and running in minutes

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