Customer Effort Score (CES) Surveys

Create CES surveys that get great engagement and higher response rates

Use CES surveys to gather feedback from your customers

It’s easy to get CES feedback with TRACX. You can deliver engaging CES surveys that match your brand, work perfectly across multiple channels and devices, and get great response rates by giving customers a great experience.

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Your Brand, Your Survey

Create a branded customer effort survey using our no-code survey builder. Start from scratch, or use one of our templates and add your logo and colours. Choose from a variety of rating scales and customise the questions to understand customer effort at key touchpoints in the journey.

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Get More Feedback

Instead of accepting a customer effort score and moving on, dig deeper to learn why the score is what it is. Use the customer effort score 5-point scale and follow-up questions that allow customers to explain their experience in their own words. Choose from a variety of questions, including multiple choice and open-response.

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At Every Touchpoint

The TRACX customer effort score tool offers you the flexibility to share Customer Effort Score surveys in-the-moment, across every channel. This helps you capture more meaningful feedback, pinpoint friction at key touchpoints and bring deeper, real-time insights to your business.

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Close The Loop

Help improve experiences and set expectations by giving customers customised responses based on their CES rating. Make it easy for satisfied customers to promote your business for you. But don’t ask unhappy customers to leave a review: instead, tell them how you will fix their problem and ask them to give you another chance.

Start collecting CES feedback in minutes

A simple, user-friendly dashboard helps you quickly view and understand the results of your Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys

Your CES dashboard gives you fast, actionable insights into the touchpoints that cause your customers pain, allowing you to focus on the areas that drive the score and implementing ways to improve them.

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Real-time CES Scores

You will always be up-to-date and current on your customer effort surveys with our real-time data streams. Your CES survey tool is automatically updated as new customer responses are received, keeping you ahead of the curve.

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Monitor CES Trends

Your CES dashboard instantly aggregates and visualises feedback data over multiple time periods to identify patterns and get a sense of trends. Provide business stakeholders with easy monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports about progress by sharing feedback data on time-series charts.

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Compare and Benchmark

Track CES surveys across your business to easily compare scores at different branches, departments, sites, or touchpoints. Benchmark customer effort scores at every site and touchpoint to track performance, identify areas for improvement and measure effectiveness.

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Create Custom Reports

Create custom reports by automatically aggregating all your CES feedback and comparing it by custom fields, such as location, customer touchpoint, time and date, etc.

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Find Insights at Scale

Quickly find insights at scale by searching your CES feedback for specific keywords, then refine your search with full-text filters and use our powerful tagging engine to organise your feedback.

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Optimise Survey Performance

Monitor the performance of your CES survey distribution channels, including contactless kiosks, email and web, to understand which are most effective and evaluate whether changes are needed. Increase response rates by using A/B testing different approaches to drive engagement.

Take the pain out of CES surveys

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