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The social enterprise runs on Tracx.

The leading social business cloud for building memorable brands and managing customer experience in the social-enabled world.

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A powerful, award-winning platform for your social business needs

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With Tracx, clients are able to discover new opportunities and better understand all aspects of their business - from customers, to competitors and influencers. The system refines and analyzes mass amounts of data from across the social web, then makes that data actionable.

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Put your insights to work to enable smart interactions that enhance customer relationships and establish new ones. Tracx’s contextually-driven social engagement engine takes the guesswork out of engagement.

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Optimize campaigns, track ROI, measure your team’s performance and keep an eye on the competition.

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Integrate and apply your social media data and insights into all of your marketing and business initiatives.

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We are unique

Actionable insights from across the social web and the customer journey
Innovation leaders in technology and big data analytics
Open platform integrates with your data and workflow

Who we work with

The world's leading companies use Tracx to manage their social businesses and optimize interactions throughout the consumer journey.

Brands and Agencies

Both enterprises and agencies reap the benefits of Tracx’s social business cloud daily.

Bronwyn van Rensburg Head of Digital, Digital Republic

“Tracx brings insights into publishing, so that no matter where I am in Tracx, I can take immediate action without leaving my workflow. Now, I have access to smart recommendations that pinpoint the best times for me to publish. This is powerful and as close as it gets to 1-to-1 social marketing — I’ve evaluated other enterprise social media management providers and no one else can do this.”

Felix Billson Group Social Media Manager, Belron

“We knew there was valuable insight to be gained from the global social landscape that we operate in, but we previously had no ability to scale and leverage this intelligence into tangible strategic actions at a local level. Our customer care teams now have one robust platform to conduct their customer engagement and perform thorough campaign analysis. With the global insights we get from Tracx’s analytics and reporting capabilities, we can better promote collaboration, present a unified brand message, and share best practices across the group.”

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The ROI of Influencer Marketing

Consumers no longer blindly trust advertisements. Instead, they trust influencers whose judgment has a proven track record. Done right, influencer marketing can communicate a brand’s culture directly to a target audience in an authentic manner.


Locate and Target Your Audience on Social Media

Gaining an understanding of what people are saying and doing on social media based on geographical location can help to better target messaging, develop products and services, increase engagement and most of all – get to know the people behind the accounts.

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