CSAT Calculator

Use our free CSAT calculator to turn your survey responses into a Customer Satisfaction Score.

CSAT is one of the most widely used tools for measuring customer experience, thanks to its ability to give you not only a general sense of how satisfied customers are with your brand, but also the specific reasons they feel that way.

This free CSAT calculator takes the guesswork out of calculating your score. It will help you determine your CSAT score in seconds.

Step 1: Run a CSAT survey and count the responses

Start by asking your customers to rate your business.

The most common way to begin a CSAT survey is with this simple question:

How satisfied were you with [product/interaction]?

After you have completed your first CSAT survey, add up the number of responses provided for each score.


Very Satisfied








Very Dissatisfied

Step 2: Get the totals

The CSAT calculation requires you to categorise the responses as “Satisfied”, or “Dissatisfied”. You will need to calculate the total number of satisfied customers (those who rated Satisfied or Very Satisfied).

Total Satisfied
Total Dissatisfied

Step 3: Calculate your CSAT score

After you have prepared the data, the final part is easy. Simply take the number of satisfied customers and divide it by the total responses to find out what your Customer Satisfaction Score is!

Total Satisfied


Total Responses


CSAT Score

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