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Great experiences turn visitors into customers, and customers into fans


When you build your business around customer experience, you’ll unlock the power of word-of-mouth marketing. And with simple offline promotions, reviews and referrals, and landing pages tailored to your business, you’ll reach new customers effortlessly.






Customers today can be demanding, they want easy access to products and services — and expect immediate attention when they have a complaint. When frustrations arise, you need to be able to deal with them before they become big problems.




Customer experience is one of the main reasons that some companies thrive whilst others fail. Let customer feedback shape your company into one that customers endorse enthusiastically and return to again and again.






Turn a great experiences into a rewarding experience, and you’ll turn one-time visitors into repeat customers and loyal fans. Rewarding customers increases their loyalty and makes them more likely to recommend your business to others.



A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is

Scott D. Cook

How TRACX helps deliver an outstanding experience for your customers

Create engaging experiences

Traditional surveys are impersonal and awkward. Use conversational surveys to drive better response rates, greater engagement, and capture more meaningful insights. No app required.

Understand every customer journey

Understand how customers are experiencing your brand at every touchpoint and make real-time adjustments to optimise the customer experience and increase retention.

Reward customer loyalty

Track repeat visits and customer loyalty; reward customers who have been loyal to you, and incentivise the actions you want them to take, like referring their friends to your business.

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