The simple survey maker that gets you more responses

Looking for an easy-to-use survey maker that creates great looking surveys in minutes, without any coding? Whether you’re a marketer, customer experience manager, or the business owner — TRACX is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to collect more feedback.

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Create surveys in minutes, without any coding

No-code survey builder

Build surveys quickly and easily, with no coding required. Use professionally designed question blocks and fields to create your survey.

Customisable designs

Customise to match your brand, with built-in templates and branding options. Add your logo, change the colour scheme, and more.

Omni-channel first

Get more responses and better engagement with omni-channel distribution. Capture feedback at every touchpoint with QR codes, email surveys, and web links.

Getting started is easy

Powerful feedback surveys, ready in seconds

TRACX makes feedback simple. You can get started immediately by using a one-click template, or create your own customised survey with our no-code form builder.

Put an end to boring forms, bring your surveys to life

Share surveys that get feedback, rather than leaving you lacking. Turn boring forms into interactive experiences that people want to engage with, increasing response rates and providing you with immediate insights.

Be in-the-moment, without interrupting the moment

TRACX uses physical and digital touchpoints to capture fresh thoughts and emotions without disrupting the experience, providing you with real-time insights to transform your business.

Get instant results, take immediate action

No more time wasted on sorting through reams of feedback. TRACX automatically organises your feedback, presents it clearly, and makes it actionable. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to get value from your surveys.

Survey real people, everywhere

Collect feedback from every channel and at every touchpoint to get a real understanding of experiences

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How do I create a survey?

It’s easy! Just sign up for an account with TRACX and you can start creating your survey right away. You can choose from a variety of survey templates, and then customise them to fit your needs.

What kinds of surveys can I create?

You can create all sorts of different surveys: customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, market research surveys—you name it! You can even use the software to collect data on how people are interacting with your website or app by sending them a link to an embedded survey

How much does this cost? Is there a free version available?

We offer a generous free plan for small businesses and individuals who want to test out our survey tools before deciding if they want to upgrade (or not). Our paid plans provide fast-growing businesses and SMEs with everything they require to succeed.

How do I share my survey with others?

Sharing your survey is easy with TRACX. When you have published your survey, the platform will automatically generate a short link, a QR code, and an email template that you can share with your participants.

When will I receive responses from people taking my survey?

Once you have completed your survey, you will be able to see the results in real-time. The platform will also provide a full report of all responses and an interactive data visualiser that allows you to filter and visualise different aspects of the data

What kind of survey questions can I ask?

You can ask almost any kind of question with TRACX. Our favourite question types are open-ended questions (where users write their answers instead of choosing from options), Likert scale questions (which let users choose between multiple options), multiple choice questions (which allow users to choose one or more answers), and rating questions (which allow users to give a numeric score). There are also some advanced options like branching questions and conditional logic to show or hide questions based on previous responses. Need inspiration? We’ve written a guide on the best survey questions to understand customer satisfaction.

How does TRACX compare to other online survey tools?

We offer more than just online surveys; we offer a complete experience marketing toolkit to help local businesses turn feedback into actionable insights. Our tools include a landing page builder, a dynamic QR Code generator, and a form builder

What is the best survey maker?

There are a couple of free online survey makers that you can use to create a survey. Some of them have more features than others, but most will allow you to create a basic survey without any cost. If you have very simple requirements, Google Forms is a good option. Google Forms is a free online survey tool that allows you to create surveys, collect responses, view results and export them into spreadsheets. If you want a more powerful survey builder that designed specifically for businesses, TRACX is a good choice. TRACX has all the features you need to create your custom survey, including customisable questions, advanced logic and bespoke reporting tools.

What’s the difference between free survey makers and paid tools?

Free online survey makers are often limited in some way—usually by the number of questions they allow or by the number of responses you can receive(or both). Paid tools offer more features and capabilities than free ones do.