360 Degree Employee Evaluation

This 360 degree employee evaluation template is a survey for HR professionals and managers who need to gather feedback on employee performance from multiple perspectives. It allows you to assess an employee's strengths and areas for improvement by collecting feedback from their peers, subordinates, and supervisors. Customize the survey questions and rating scales to fit your organization's specific needs.

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About 360 Degree Employee Evaluation Template

The 360 Degree Employee Evaluation template is designed to gather feedback on an employee’s performance from multiple perspectives, including peers, subordinates, and supervisors. This comprehensive evaluation process provides a well-rounded view of the employee’s strengths and areas for improvement.

The key benefit of using a 360 degree evaluation is that it eliminates bias and provides a more accurate assessment of an employee’s performance. By collecting feedback from different sources, you can gain valuable insights into the employee’s skills, leadership abilities, communication effectiveness, and more.

360 Degree Employee Evaluation Questions

The questions in this survey are carefully crafted to assess various aspects of an employee’s performance. They cover areas such as overall performance, likelihood of recommendation, leadership skills, communication abilities, problem-solving capabilities, and key strengths.

You can customize the questions and rating scales to align with your organization’s specific needs. By tailoring the survey to your unique requirements, you can gather feedback that is most relevant and valuable for evaluating your employees.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the questions in the 360 Degree Employee Evaluation survey?

Yes, you can customize the questions to fit your organization's specific needs. You can add, remove, or modify the existing questions to align with your evaluation criteria.

How many perspectives should be included in a 360 degree evaluation?

It is recommended to include feedback from peers, subordinates, and supervisors to get a comprehensive view of an employee's performance. However, the number of perspectives can vary depending on your organization's structure and requirements.

Can I use this template for self-evaluation?

While this template is primarily designed for gathering feedback from multiple perspectives, you can modify it to create a self-evaluation survey. Simply remove the sections related to peers and supervisors and focus on self-assessment questions.

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