Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) Surveys

Create eNPS surveys in seconds, get better engagement, and learn how to improve your eNPS score

Create your eNPS survey in seconds and start collecting feedback from your employees today – it really is that easy

It’s easy to create and send employee NPS surveys with TRACX. Design your own survey, or use our no-code builder to create your brand-matched eNPS survey in seconds, no tech skills required.

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Customisable eNPS Surveys

You’re the star with no-code survey builder. It’s easy to create delightful eNPS surveys that look like you’ve hired a professional designer! You can upload your company logo and brand colours, as well as selecting from bespoke rating scales and fully customisable eNPS questions.

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Go Beyond The Score

Ask your workers why they gave you their ratings. TRACX lets employees share the reasons behind their score, using multiple choice and open-ended follow-up questions to gain the most accurate information from your workforce.

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Break Free From Emails

Let’s face it: No one likes email surveys. Uses online touchpoints and contactless, offline kiosks that capture the voice of the employee, in-person, and in real-time. Giving you direct, valuable insights from every channel.

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Respond In Real-time

You can design your survey questions and campaign landing pages to react to the employee feedback you collect. This approach lets you make the most of your valued workers and address problems before at-risk employees churn or share their frustrations elsewhere.

Create eNPS surveys in minutes

Analyse your employee feedback and eNPS data in one simple-to-use dashboard

Your eNPS dashboard helps you see where your employees have faith in the way you manage your business, where they have concerns, and what parts of your organisation are falling short. It helps you focus on changes that will improve the company culture.

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Real-time eNPS Scores

You will have a live pulse on the employee experience at all times. You can see the score in real-time and be alerted to changes. This information allows you to identify and correct employee problems before they impact company culture.

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Monitor eNPS Trends

The eNPS dashboard lets you cut through the noise of other dashboards and gives you a snapshot of employee satisfaction. Management reports bring together your company’s employee engagement data and help you share your progress with key stakeholders.

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Benchmark eNPS Scores

Compare and rank locations, spot problems, and understand how experiences are changing over time by tracking employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) for each aspect of your business—from key touchpoints to specific offices or departments.

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Management Reports

One-click reports take the effort out of sharing your eNPS insights and data. They let you pinpoint where your company culture and processes are working well, and where they aren’t.

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Organise eNPS Feedback

Now you can find and organise employee feedback with ease. Our advanced search functions allow you to find employee feedback and apply custom field filters, so you can search eNPS data by keyword. Our state-of-the-art tagging feature automatically categorise feedback in real-time, so it’s easier than ever to find what you need.

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Track Response Rates

TRACX makes it easy to monitor employee engagement with your eNPS surveys, helping track performance and identify opportunities for improving your response rates. A/B testing helps you understand what changes can help you get the most useful information out of your employee feedback.

Take the pain out of eNPS surveys

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