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Getting great response rates to surveys doesn’t have to be difficult. With our no-code survey builder, you can create a product-market fit survey that matches your brand and works perfectly across multiple channels and devices—making it easier to get the feedback you need.

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Your Survey, Your Brand

Build a brand-customised survey in minutes with our one-click survey builder. Choose from our library of rating scales or add your own unique questions to learn whether you have product-market fit.

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The Story Behind the Stats

When evaluating your product-market fit, don’t rely on a single metric. TRACX PMF surveys enable you to ask people why they gave you that rating and use follow-up questions to make them expand on their answers.

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Online and Offline, in Real Time

Capture feedback about your product-market fit from real-time and across all channels, online and offline. Uncover important insights directly from consumers to ensure that your ideas have a chance to succeed in the marketplace.

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Transform Experiences

React instantly to product-market fit feedback by customising your responses, in real time, as your product is being evaluated. Capture feedback and testimonials from people who are totally hooked on using your product. Uncover new opportunities to serve and support others.

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Your PMF dashboard will show you instantly whether there are signs of strong product-market fit.

The PMF dashboard helps you understand your customers’ perceptions of your product and the experience they have with it—allowing you to focus on the changes required to reach product-market fit.

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Real-time PMF Surveys

You’ll always know what your customers are saying about your product with real-time reporting. Our platform automatically updates new responses in our PMF surveys, delivering insights as they happen. Your PMF Scores are automatically updated in real time. This saves you the hassle of having to manually update the scores, leaving you to focus on what really matters.

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Monitor PMF Trends

Your PMF dashboard tracks product-market fit over time, automatically tagging survey responses and reporting on the insights you need to make informed decisions. One-click exports and management reports make it easy for you to share your progress with your team.

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Compare and Benchmark

Track product market fit scores across your business in order to easily measure the performance of your products as you roll them out to different locations and touchpoints. Benchmark your PMF scores against others in the same stage of growth and against your own history to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and view how different projects progress over time.

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Reporting & Analytics

With our in-depth analysis and reporting, you’ll be able to understand which customer segments are best served by your efforts. TRACX can help you group data using custom fields, including location, touchpoint, time of day and more.

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Categorise and Organise

Our simple, powerful search function enables you to search for product-market fit feedback based on specific keywords and apply custom filters to refine your results. We use advanced algorithms to categorise PMF surveys automatically, freeing up your time for more valuable tasks.

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Get More Feedback

Track completion rates and survey performance for all of your distribution channels—online and offline—and learn how you can get the best product-market fit insights through data. Use A/B testing and other experiments to find which PMF surveys generate the most valuable customer feedback.

Take the pain out of PMF surveys

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