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It’s easy to create and send NPS surveys with our no-code survey builder. It takes only 3 minutes with our step-by-step NPS survey builder to create a brand-matched survey that’s ready for the web, mobile, email, or offline. And we make it really easy to get great response rates!

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Create Custom NPS Surveys

Use our survey builder to create custom NPS surveys and scorecards with your own logo and brand colours, as well as bespoke rating scales and questions.

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Learn More Than Just NPS

Do not just focus on the Net Promoter Score. Ask your customers why they gave you that rating (encourage them to explain their experience in their own words). Use follow-up questions, such as multiple choice and open-ended responses, to gather the most accurate information from your respondents.

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Omni-Channel Ready

Survey customers at every touch point to discover where to focus your attention for the best return. Capture the voice of the customer with direct, valuable insights from any channel.

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Respond Instantly

You can customise your survey responses and landing pages to react to the NPS score received. This enables you to maximise the value of your loyal promoters and step in to resolve problems before detractors can share their frustrations elsewhere.

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Supercharge your NPS surveys with a simple, intuitive NPS dashboard

Your Net Promoter Score dashboard reveals the interactions that create promoters, and which fall short of expectations. It helps you focus on implementing changes that will improve your business.

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Track NPS in Real-time

You will always have the latest score for your NPS surveys. The NPS updates in real-time and allows you to see results quickly, thereby enabling you to identify and troubleshoot problems with a product or service before they cost you customers.

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Monitor NPS Trends

The NPS dashboard brings together NPS feedback and gives you a snapshot of your customers’ satisfaction. Management reports help you share your progress with key stakeholders, so that you can work together on closing the gap between you and your customers.

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Benchmark Your NPS Scores

Track NPS scores for each component of your business—from locations to key touchpoints—to identify the areas causing the greatest frustration, delight, and loyalty among your customers. Use this information to compare and rank locations, spot problems, and understand how experiences are changing over time.

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NPS Management Reports

Bespoke reports take the hard work out of analysing your NPS data. Discover where your customers had contact with your business and what they thought about the standard of service. You can filter the information by location, touchpoint and time of day as well as other factors.

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Tag and Search NPS Feedback

With our advanced search functions, you can easily find NPS feedback based on keyword and apply custom field filters to refine your search results. Our state-of-the-art tagging feature allows you to categorise feedback by hand, and our advanced automated tagging features help you further refine your searches.

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Track NPS Response Rates

Measure the completion rates for your Net Promoter Score surveys to track trends and identify opportunities for improvement. A/B testing makes it easy to see what changes will give the best results.

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