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How to create a free QR code

Our qr code generator is very easy to use and designed for both non-technical and technical users. To create your free QR code, just follow these simple steps:

1. Choose what your QR code will do

To use the QR code creator, first select the action you want to happen; for example, link to a landing page, a survey, your business email or socials, etc… Then add the link or information required.

Pro tip: QR codes can only do one thing. If you want to allow users to select from multiple options, try linking to a TRACX landing page!

2. Customise your QR code to match your brand

You can then customise the look and feel of your QR code to match your branding. Our QR code builder allows you to add your brand colours and logo, and even create a custom frame.

Pro tip: The QR generator will create a preview QR code for you to test before you download!

3. Download your QR code

Once you are happy with the design of your QR code, simply click “Create” and download your QR code files.

You can embed digital QR codes onto your digital signage, website, and social media posts, or print them onto your flyers, business cards, menus, and more – the only limit is your creativity!

Pro tip: Upgrade to TRACX Pro to create dynamic QR codes that can be updated instantly and enable analytics to track the number of times each code is scanned!

Types of QR Code

Create a QR Code for every situation



Collect feedback and get reviews with QR code surveys

Web Link

Turn any URL into a QR Code that you can edit and customise

Business Card

Supercharge your business card with a QR code vCard


Create a contactless QR code menu for your restaurant


Create a QR code link to your business email address


Create a QR code link to your business phone number


Create an SMS QR code link to help customers text you

Google Maps

Create a Google Maps QR code to help customers find you


Landing Pages

Get more leads with marketing landing pages

Lead Generation

Instantly connect your QR codes to lead generation forms


Create QR code discounts and promotions


Create QR codes and landing pages to promote your events


Google Reviews

Facebook Reviews



Social Media

Link in bio








What is a QR Code?

A QR code, also known as qr-code or qrcode, is an abbreviation of Quick Response Code. QR codes are square, two-dimensional barcodes created by Denso Wave in 1994. QR codes store information that can be accessed with a smartphone with QR scanning capabilities or a QR code scanner.

What can QR Codes be used for?

QR codes can be used for a variety of purposes. The type of QR code you create depends on the information or action you want users to be able to access. For example, you might want users to visit a specific landing page or website (URL QR code), take a survey (Survey QR code), download your app (App QR code), scan a business card (vCard QR code), or follow you on social media.

How do I scan a QR Code

There are various ways to scan QR codes, depending on your smartphone and operating system. Whichever device you use, the optimal scanning distance is usually around 20cm.

For Apple users, all mobile devices running iOS 11 or later are compatible with QR codes. You can use the built-in camera app and simply point the camera at your QR code to scan. Every Android phone comes with a built-in QR code reader. To scan a QR code on Android devices, you just open the camera and point it at the QR code.

What are the benefits of QR Codes?

QR codes provide users with a convenient way to access information or take action with just a few taps on their smartphone. For businesses, QR codes are an effective way to drive user engagement and provide a trackable call-to-action.

What can QR Codes do? 

QR codes can do all sorts of things! TRACX allows you to create different QR codes that can:

  • Link to your landing page
  • Link to your feedback survey
  • Link to your market research survey
  • Link to your social media account
  • Link to your website
  • Link to your business card
  • Link to SMS, Whatsapp and Messengers

Where do you put QR codes?

You can place QR codes almost anywhere! Some popular places to put QR codes include: marketing materials (flyers, business cards, menus), product packaging, websites and social media posts, digital signage, and any other physical or digital location where you want to engage your users.

What is a custom QR Code?

A custom QR code is a QR code that has been designed to match the branding of your business or organisation.

How to make QR codes with logo?

You can make QR codes with logo using TRACX. Simply upload your brand logo and customise the size, position and style to create a QR code that is unique to your brand.

How do you make custom QR codes?

You can use a free generator like TRACX to create QR codes. Our QR code builder allows you to add your logo and brand colours, as well as creating custom frames.

How much does a QR code cost?

QR codes are free to make! You can create static QR codes for free using a QR code generator like TRACX. To create dynamic QR codes, you will need a TRACX Pro account.

What are static QR codes?

A static QR code is a QR code that only has one destination. The information or action it delivers cannot be changed once the QR code has been created.

What are dynamic QR codes?

Dynamic qr codes are qr codes that enable you to change the destination link after they have been created. For example, if you create a qr code for a sale that is happening this weekend, but the sale ends on Sunday, you can update the dynamic QR code to redirect to the new sale page.

How do you make dynamic QR codes?

You can create dynamic QR codes with TRACX.

Are there any free dynamic QR code generators?

TRACX has a free tier that allows you to create a limited number of dynamic QR codes.

What is QR code tracking?

QR code tracking is the process of monitoring and recording scans via QR code analytics. QR code tracking lets you see how many QR codes were scanned and where they were scanned from – for example, you might want to know how many people scanned your QR code for a contest or survey. This information can help you evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions about how to improve performance.

How can you track QR code scans?

You can use dynamic QR codes generated by platforms like TRACX to track the scan statistics for each code and see how many leads or participants you generated as a result. QR code tracking lets you see the overall performance of your QR codes and make data-driven decisions about how to improve them.

How can you create a trackable QR code?

You can create a trackable QR code with the aid of a QR code builder.

Signing up to the TRACX platform allows you to create dynamic, trackable QR codes—so you can generate and distribute a single code that will always lead users to your most relevant content, or collect statistics on how many people are scanning your code.

How much do trackable QR codes cost?

If you’re looking for a free qr code tracker, you might find it hard. Trackable QR codes must be dynamic, so make sure to choose a trusted free QR code generator and tracker – otherwise your valuable QR codes could suddenly stop working.

Do you need high quality QR codes to print?

Yes! You should always use high quality QR codes for printing – the higher the resolution of your QR code image, the clearer it will be. Check with your printers to confirm their requirements for optimal print quality.

Why are QR codes better than barcodes?

QR codes are a more modern alternative to traditional barcodes. They have higher storage capacity and can store more information than barcodes, which makes them more versatile. QR codes can also be read by a wider range of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

How to bulk create QR codes?

You can easily bulk create QR codes with TRACX. Simply configure the variables you want to encode and select how many codes you want to generate. We’ll create high-quality QR codes for you in seconds. There is no bulk QR code generator free that offers this level of customisation and flexibility.

Is there a limit to how many QR codes I can make?

No – with every plan on TRACX, you can create an unlimited number of static QR codes for your business. There are no restrictions on the number of static QR codes you can create, so feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.

How long do QR codes last?

QR codes are designed to be extremely resilient. Unlike barcodes, a QR code will remain scannable even if it is partially obscured. However, if your QR code is seriously damaged or faded, it may no longer work as intended.

How to get QR code for business?

You can get a unique QR code for your business by creating a free account with TRACX. Simply enter your company name and website and we’ll create a unique QR code and landing page for you. You can use these on your website, social media posts, digital signage, and any other marketing materials.

How to create QR code for business card?

You can use our QR code builder to easily create a QR code for your business card.

Once you’ve created a QR code for your business card, you can link it to your paper business card by downloading your print-ready file and adding it to your business card design. Then when someone scans your paper business card, they’ll be able to see all of the information on your digital business card without having to type in anything.

TRACX landing pages are perfect for creating a digital business card, because they’re easy to set up, look great, and make it easy for people to find you on the internet.

How to create QR quote?

With TRACX, you can create QR codes for any type of content – including quotes! Simply enter the text of your quote into our plain text QR code maker and we’ll create a QR code that displays the quote. You can use this on your website, social media posts, digital signage, and any other marketing materials.

How to make a QR code video?

You can create a QR code video with TRACX by selecting the video option when choosing your QR code type. This will create a QR code that links to your video URL. Videos are a great way to engage your audience and give them more information about your product or service.

How to make a QR code for a website?

You can create a QR code for any website URL with TRACX. Just add the URL into our QR code generator and we’ll create a QR code that links to that webpage. Static QR codes are great for website URLs because they’re easy to create and don’t expire, but if you need a QR code that can be updated easily, you can use our dynamic QR codes.