360 Survey

An all-encompassing survey to gather feedback about an employee from multiple perspectives, enhancing self-awareness and aiding in professional development.

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About this template

The 360 Survey is a comprehensive tool aimed at facilitating holistic feedback for an individual from multiple angles within the organisation. This survey type is widely regarded for its capacity to unveil blind spots, provide diverse perspectives, and promote self-awareness and personal growth.

Starting with identifying the relationship between the respondent and the subject ensures the feedback can be contextually analysed. The survey follows a Likert scale format for most of its questions, as this provides depth to the feedback without compelling a binary response.

Questions within the survey tackle key performance areas such as communication, teamwork, and adherence to deadlines. These are pivotal attributes within any professional setting and offer valuable insight into the employee’s performance.

The open-ended sections are indispensable. They allow respondents to delve deeper into strengths and areas needing improvement, offering personalised and actionable feedback.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Ensure anonymity to get the most candid and honest feedback.
  • Consider the feedback as constructive insights, not as criticisms. This mindset encourages a culture of growth.
  • Regularly schedule 360 reviews, making it an integral part of performance appraisals and professional development plans.
  • Combine insights from this survey with other performance metrics for a well-rounded evaluation.

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