5 Star Survey

This survey assesses overall satisfaction using a star-rating mechanism and seeks to understand specific aspects contributing to the given rating.

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About this template

The 5 Star Survey is a straightforward method to capture customer sentiments towards a product or service. The star-rating mechanism is universally understood and provides businesses with an immediate sense of how they are performing in the eyes of their customers.

Leading with a star-rating question enables businesses to quickly gauge overall satisfaction. The subsequent open-ended questions delve deeper, triggering based on the given star-rating. Customers who rate the product highly (4 or 5 stars) are prompted to share what they loved about it. This helps the business recognise and maintain these positive aspects. On the flip side, if the rating is 3 stars or below, the user is prompted to suggest areas of improvement. Such insights direct attention to potential shortcomings, paving the way for enhancements.

Ending the survey with a recommendation question is strategic. It measures the Net Promoter Score (NPS) indirectly, offering insight into how many of the respondents would actively promote the product to others.

When using the 5 Star Survey, businesses gain a well-rounded understanding of their product’s performance. Positive feedback can be celebrated and leveraged for marketing, while constructive feedback offers a roadmap for future development. Above all, it’s a concise yet comprehensive way to hear directly from customers.

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