Client Exit Survey

A dedicated survey designed to gather insights from clients ending their partnership, to understand reasons for departure and areas of improvement.

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About this template

The Client Exit Survey serves as a pivotal instrument for organisations to discern the reasons behind the termination of client partnerships. Grasping the rationale behind a client’s decision to cease collaboration is invaluable for future strategy formulation and service enhancement.

This survey commences with a CSAT question that evaluates the overarching experience of the client with the organisation. The pivotal query is the identification of the principal reason for terminating the partnership, allowing the organisation to categorise feedback effectively.

The NPS question, embedded in the survey, is quintessential to gauge the likelihood of the client recommending the services, offering insights into the broader sentiment of the client. Additionally, the Likert scale is adeptly employed to get a nuanced perspective on specifics, such as the team’s responsiveness.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Act swiftly on this feedback, addressing concerns and ensuring other clients don’t face similar issues.
  • Consider conducting an in-person or virtual exit interview for more detailed insights if the client is willing.
  • Consistently review the feedback and trends to discern common reasons for client departures, enabling proactive improvements in services.

By thoroughly understanding and acting upon this feedback, businesses can bolster client retention, enhance service quality, and foster long-lasting client relationships.

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