Attendee Satisfaction Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to gauge the satisfaction level of attendees at an event.

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About this template

The Attendee Satisfaction Survey is designed to gauge the satisfaction level of attendees at an event. It begins with a CSAT question, which employs smiley faces for the response, providing an engaging and intuitive way for attendees to rate their overall satisfaction with the event. This is a required question and establishes the tone of the survey.

The subsequent question, a conditional single-select type, is triggered if the CSAT score is greater than 3. It inquires whether the respondent would attend a similar event in the future. This question is particularly important as it provides a direct measure of the likelihood of repeat attendance, which can be a valuable metric for predicting future event success.

The survey also includes two open-ended questions to gather qualitative insights. The first one asks the respondent what they liked most about the event. This question helps identify the strengths of the event. The second open-ended question asks for areas needing improvement, providing valuable insights for the event organisers to enhance future events.

The survey concludes with a thank you message, appreciating the attendee’s time and effort in providing feedback. Remember, the key to a successful survey is to make it intuitive, engaging and respectful of the respondent’s time. With this template, you’ll be well on your way to collecting meaningful feedback from your attendees.

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