Contest Entry Form

A form designed to collect user information and preferences for entering contests and giveaways.

No credit card required


This Contest Entry Form template is designed to efficiently collect participant information and preferences for contests and giveaways across various industries. By implementing this form, businesses can effectively increase engagement and generate leads.

The form begins with a welcoming message to greet the participants, followed by a series of questions to gather the necessary information. The elements of this form include:

  1. Full name (required): This is crucial for identifying participants and contacting winners.
  2. Email address (required): Email addresses are essential for notifying winners and sending relevant communications or newsletters, if the participant has opted in.
  3. Phone number (optional): Although not required, collecting phone numbers can be useful for contacting winners or sending SMS marketing messages in the future.
  4. Newsletter subscription (optional): This thumbs question type allows participants to opt in or out of the company’s newsletter, enabling businesses to build their email list and nurture potential customers.

Finally, the form concludes with a thank-you message, expressing gratitude to the participant and informing them that winners will be notified via email.

To get the best results from this template, tailor the form to your specific contest or giveaway, ensuring that the questions are relevant and capture the necessary information. Additionally, consider adding other questions that may be pertinent to your industry or target audience. By doing so, you can gain valuable insights and improve your marketing strategies moving forward.

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